Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My 10 Studio's

Edited to add my current studio set up: It is a mess but I have a lot of natual sun light and it is my little corner of the world...
So I have been a slacker blogging lately, actually pretty much ever since I moved. It is hard to get moved because you are so busy and then it just ends and you have to put it all away. Add to that the end of the school year, graduations (8th grade and high school), a toddler, a trip to LA...mix a little summer in with a broken camera and wala you have a neglected blog. Sorry guys I will try to be better. I have been visiting my sister blogs and have been inspired what they put up every day. I have also been organizing and going through photos and trying to get caught up. It is working so yeah me! I have managed to scrap 5 pages and make 3 cards and it is only August 5 so whoo hoo...I even developed some photo's so I am on my way and I will be sharing some pages and cards very soon. In the mean time I thought we would talk about space and where we scrapbook or make cards or sew. Where do you do these things? I don't sew but I used to paint. I thought I would take you down a little studio memory lane.

Studio 1 - My first apartment I had not yet discovered scarpbooking and I was doing a lot of painting and drawing. I loved colored pencils and pen and ink. I had a nice desk in a nook in my dining room. I loved this apartment so much. It was eventually turned into a desk against a wall to make room for toys.

Studio 2 - A corner in my living room. I didn't stay here long but the corner was nice as the living room was huge. I am not even sure I unpacked my craft stuff here.

Studio 3 - A corner in my living room and I used it all the time but it was not very cute. It stayed up on my scrapbooking and went to tons of crops.

Studio 4 - A area in the living room behind my couch. I think it was a good size considering how tiny the apartment was I had a desk a book shelf and a couple tables. I got so much scrapbooking done here! I loved this space because it was a part of the living room but you couldn't see the mess. This is the studio where I really started becoming addicted to stamps!

Studio 5 - The first time I had a private studio it was in my bedroom and my room was shaped in an L so I had part of the L as my studio and it was so nice and so pretty and so so so...lonely. I never got anything done unless the girls were up stairs with me watching TV.

Studio 7 - Now I am back in with the family and into a room that is suppose to be a dinning room. This room was nice it had two doors in it so I could close out the mess or the noise if I wanted and I scrapped on a folding table. It had the best lighting and I got a lot done here.

Studio 8 - Back into the bedroom I go but the house is so tiny and my now husband also has a studio in there a music studio. I know how did it all fit with a bed and all.

It was a challenge and then we got a new bedroom set and boom the studio 8 was moving into the living room and my hubby's into the kitchen which ironically was on the same wall about 6 feet away from each other. LOL it was a small house. I actually got so much done at this tiny little desk.

This desk actually was a part of my daughters bedroom set but again it was so tiny in the house and the girls were sharing a room so I took this to give them more room.

I fell in love with it though it was the first time I had ever faced a wall when scrapping. I love the vertical space though and the drawers are so big!

I was happy to move but I was a little sad to have to give her back her desk.

Studio 9 - Again I had a whole room but this time it was fabulous as it was beautiful and big and right in the heart of the home.
It was a sitting room I suppose once upon a time and I got to use these cool hutches my hubby got at work and we bought a new desk too. I kind of miss him working at the furniture store.

He got two of these and they were only $20 each wow what a steal huh...he got them at different times but one was "damaged" missing glass so they were going to toss it. The other was solo and so he asked if he could buy it too and they said sure.

We decided to purchase a table to match and give me a lot of work space so we went on the hunt and finally found a really cool one that was perfect and two toned.

We put it in between the two hutches and it had a lot of room. I even had a little computer area and still plenty of space to scrapbook and stamp.

I loved it because everything was right at my finger tips. I was facing the living room and I had room for company.

I also had a brilliant idea for my embellishments so I bought these shelves and made it look so fabulous and ease to know if you can see it you can use it!

I will give you an up close cause this was my favorite part. Since it was so perdy and all. ;)

Then we moved again...I move a lot.

Bringing me to Studio 10 - Now we are back in a smaller home but it is enough space...almost. the hubster is in his man-cave a.k.a basement and I was at a loss of where to go. I can't be in the bedroom as it doesn't have so much room and my hubby works 3rd shift. I can't be in the living room becauase the baby will tough everything. The dinning room has a great closet and that is what I chose but then I started moving stuff around and now I ended up in a nook in the kitchen and I am back using my daughters it is all mine though. She wanted to get rid of it. Got rid of the matching dresser and we got her a new one so now it is all mine! Mine mine mine...LOL I love it. It is a little small but it works for now and I have really been using it a lot. Best part is it is at the very back of the house so if I am in the middle of something it is ok. The baby isn't really allowed in the kitchen alone so that takes care of that too. I am still using the closet and plan to put floor to ceiling shelves in there so I can have everything else at my finger tips.

Yep this is working good...well until the kids start moving out ;)


  1. That IS a lot of moving! Your new space is so cute, you should post a picture of it too. :) Glad to hear you are getting some scrap time in. Looking forward to stamping on Thursday!

  2. I will I actually just finished taking some photos.