Friday, August 21, 2009

Hop right in...

So this is one of my favorite photo's a few years ago my daughter was out playing in her fort or at the park and came home with a pet.

I was surprised to see it was a pet frog. I also thought it was funny to watch the look on her face when I told her that me and her Uncle Jamie used to have pet frogs and that we had one that was trained (or so we thought) and that we used to go and collect tons of tad polls and watch them mature into little froggies.

I have found that you cannot really do that in Illinois for some reason but in Southern California it worked out great!!!

Anyway back to the reason we are here. Scrapbook pages!!!

I knew the second I saw this kit that it would be perfect for my froggie photo's so I went ahead and bought it and it sat...

and sat...

and sat...

until this week when I did a quick page all about her pet frog.

Here is the journaling box telling the story of her frog. I also thought the little collect embelishment and the little froggie tag were so cute.

Here is the finished page. It took me all of 13 minutes to put together start to finish.

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