Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A little scrapbook story

I have been scrapping a lot and making super cute cards but have I been sharing? No I have just been a big talker! So I thought I would give you a page to prove that I really have been hard at work. Now I would share them all but then I would be right back at mmm I have a blog what do I talk about now. LOL

Without further ado the page.
About a year or two ago...ok ok I am still scrapping in 2007! So a few years ago Danielle and her friend Sara somehow, someway conned Savannah into letting them fix her up.
I was in the other room minding my own business when I got up to go do something. I peeked my head into the girls' bedroom and this is what I saw!
Savannah being practically held down and Danielle and Sara all up in her face giggling and putting make up on Savannah. Savannah doesn't mind dressing up here and there but make up...she is so not interested at all!
Being the best mom in the world I did not say what are you doing to your sister stop it! I instead contained my laughter and ran to get my camera!
I was able to capture the horror and fear on my little Savannah's face and then after I got my shots I could keep composed no more! I laughed and said in a stern voice what do you think you are doing? Haha! Sara and Danielle were very proud of their handy work!
As you can see from a current photo of Savannah she is already super beautiful and doesn't even need make up.
She is off to be a freshman in a few weeks and so I am waiting for the day when I try to get into the bathroom so I can get ready for work only to find her in there putting on make-up.
I know if it bound to happen even is she can go without.
Here is a close up of the journal box. I love how it turned out. I used some white chipboard and took a marker and went around it to give the box an extra jump off the page since it was white on white.

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  1. Those are such special memories...your daughter is very beautiful and does not need any make up:)