Saturday, March 24, 2012

Name Frame...I did it!

So a million years ago I saw this adorable project

I even commented about how cute it was -

"Ok so I saw this a few times and now today I came to your blog to see your revamp...very cute BTW but I decided I must steal this frame idea for my little girl. Her birthday is next week and I think she needs one for her room. Thanks for the GREAT idea.
December 15, 2009 1:12 PM"
Do you see the date??? Yes 2009 my little one has had SEVERAL birthdays since then but I did it...I finally made her a Name Frame!
 I used up some more of my old cardstock from Close to my Heart. I always thought this was so super cute and I am trying to remember the name of it as I type - nope it has escaped me. I will insert it later if I can remember.

Anyway here is the project
I added some glitter over the top of the alphabet and used pop dots on the stickease

I was really enjoying making the banner and using the "buttons" how handy that they were flat as they fit under the glass.

Here you can see the sparkle better

I ran out and got a frame...and I really was not happy it looked crowded and I just felt like it did not showcase the project like it should. 

 I ran out today and got a new one and LOVE the results. I also pulled the my stickease out from under the mat and love how it looks on to of it. Here are some close ups of that.

If you want to make one for it sooner than later! Jayma has instructions over at her blog.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Crop Pages

Here are the other pages I got done at the crop I went to a few weeks ago.

I used various papers. Most of the ideas came from sketches from Sketch Support. I love their sketches!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Hoooop, There it is!

So I know I am suppose to be showing my crop pages but wanted to show you a page I started last week for the cool Lift it crop that I finally finished last night.

This was a one page that I turned into a two pager. I also added a bunch more photos' I hope it isn't to much of a stretch from the original.

So there you have it. I used the Cherry-O CTMH kit I have been trying to work on my stash and use up these papers that I adore so I can buy some more. LOL

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

She's got Personality

Now I have that song in my head. So like any woman or maybe I should say most women there are plenty of things I would change about myself but one thing that I am pretty good at is laughing at myself and faking it til I make it. I put confidence out there even when I don't feel it. This is probably from putting up a I can do anything front when I was a single mom. I mean I wanted to raise confident girls and it must have worked because so far they seem pretty confident that they can do anything they set out to do...but this post isn't about them for once it is about me. 

I have always been a fan of those "All about me" albums. I have always kept a journal (mmm possibly I should burn a few LOL) I also want my kids to see me in the books and not just the one that takes the photo's so even though I am NOT a fan of getting into the photo's I just suck it up. Well one day as I approached 40 this past year I did a little photo shoot when I was bored out of my mind and I couldn't believe what happened. The photo's turned out great. I only had one chin, my coloring looked great, I had make up hair was fixed. LOL see what I am saying here. I went ahead and developed them and decided to do up a page. The page turned out as good as the photo's...really I am not this full of myself. I swear. Anyway onto the page and the details.
I did some flags, and used my cricut for the title flags, clouds and butterflies.

I found this cute little pocket in an old PS kit. I think August 08

stamped this cute little pully it says Remember when

suprise! this is how I really act!!! Hehe...still makes me laugh so hard.

and another little view of the whole page.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Crop cards

I went to a crop this past weekend with some girlfriends. We had a blast and it was nice to just get away. I didn't get as much done as I did the last time I went but I think I had a pretty steady pace. The girl who did the most did 85 pages...what wow! LOL she apparently did not goof off as much as I did. I thought today I would share the cards that I made. I try and make cards with my left over papers and here is what I came up with this time.  Here is a card using this cute little critter which was a CTMH SOTM a while back. I have had this set forever and a day and have never managed to use it.

I also used one of the CTMH card chatters - love those!

Next up the super adorable dinosaur from MFT he is just so cute! I have no idea when I will ever use this card but hey my little one could get invited the the party and now I will be ready

the inside. This came with the set.

Then a card with one of the Pure Innocent girls...could those girls be any cuter? I don't think they can.

More card chatter goodness from CTMH

My last card here I did a little paper piecing on the others I used my Copics

more card chatter. I was borrowing these from a friend but I need to get them ASAP.

Thanks for stopping by. I will post the pages I got done in the next few days.