Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Moving again...

I know some of you are not suprised as it seems all I ever do is move. I just talled them up and I have moved 10 times in my adult life...not counting the 2 times I moved very briefly back home for a few months. Each and every time I move I say this is the last time...this is the last time...this is the last time. I sound like a broken record even to myself. This time I mean it! Number 11 is it....We are all set to go and will be closing on our new home in a matter of days. Finally I can say this is the last time and mean it. I am confident that this will be my home for a good long time.
The best part is, we looked at it on a whim one day when we were out looking at a few other houses. We figured we may as well look and we fell in love it has everything we are looking for in a house! Big kitchen, formal dinning, large livign room...TWO bathrooms (a must with four girls in the house) The yard is so beautiful and Mark loves yard work. It even has a little tiny pond in the back off the deck. There is a little park one house away for Maizie. Savannah has a big room, Danielle will have her own space downstairs. The garage is big, Mark even has a studio for his music. Oh and did I mention the fireplace? WOW
Anyway I have will more photos and more details in the future but I wanted to let all of you know I was not MIA for no reason.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A before school adventure

So every year since Danielle was a very little girl and off to her first day in Kindergarten I have taken a first day of school photo, I also take a last day of school photo but that is a different post.
In 2007, yes I am still scrapping that. LOL I mainly scrap in chronological order but if I want to do some current stuff I jump around. So back to 2007. That is when I got married what I was not planning was the school district starting school so early that year~! I was on my Honeymoon which meant I obviously could not take my traditional first day of school photos! Yikes!!! I gave my mom and my girls instructions and begged them to please remember to take first day pics. Well guess what? They remembered! Yay, I think they turned out pretty good too.

Danielle even had her friends drive all the way over to the next town so they can go together like they always do. I thought it was cute that she drug them over so they could be in the photo's too rather than just meeting them at their houses. Haha...she knows exactly what I am looking for in my photos.

I love this paper! This is the Moon Doogie Level 2 paper pack with the My Stickease. I believe, yes it also has the little journal cards too. Those are super cute as they look like little post cards and stamps. Can we say adorable and fun! I also love the crochet ribbon it is so versatile.
You will have to come back for the last day photos as those are in 2008 and well....