Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just Twitterpatted!

I am totally in love with the New and Improved "Workshops on the Go" Close to my Heart has made an all inclusive kit that you can purchase for around $30 and make so many projects! Here is what I made so far and I have so much paper left I can make a whole bunch more cute stuff!
Here is the first page of the WOTG
and the second. Istn't this paper so adorable. I really love the colors. I also had a great time making backgound paper. They do a great job with the instructions so that you know exactly where to cut so that you get the most paper out of your kit.
I love how they include all the little details. That is what makes a project go from good to great! Details!
You might be saying yes yes this is so cute how can I get one! You might also be thinking wait where did that stamp come from I have never seen it? That is because there is a exclusive stamp set in each month of the work shops on the go!!!
Alright here it is:
My Acrylix Hello There Stamp Set, My Reflections Twitterpated Level 2 Paper Pack, Designer Ribbon Rounds Chocolate Collection, and a Workshop Guide. This is a $35.85 value but can be yours for $29.95.
The add on kit to make the best out of your kit is:
Dimentional Elements in Color - Organic, Natural Hemp, Basic Brads Assortment. $ 10.70
Serioulsy these are a great value!! The best part if you can't come to my class on September 25 you will still have all of the instructions to do these projects in your home. Ok so back to stamping...
Here are the cards
Ok so how cute is the little hedgehog? Adorable. I also love the way these colors go together. The buttons...super cute and they are printed with fun patterns!
I love how CTMH comes up with all these fun things to do...cutting a button in half adding liquid glass here and there...just adorable!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Boing boing boing...

I hope you are up for a little fun. It is time for the Close to my Heart Autumn/Winter Blog Hop! I did this with the last idea book reveal and had so much fun I thought I would do it again.
If you have come here from Sharesa's blog, you are on the right path! If this is your first stop, you may want to go back to Erin's blog <> and start from the beginning!
I decided to focus on Sweet Home this evening and just love the way it turned out. I received this level 1 kit as a gift from my upline and I was so thrilled because this was paper that I didn't think I was going to get but wow I love it! It is gorgeous and it is perfect for homey photos so I decided to scrapbook last thanks giving. We had about 15 people over and I made everything from scratch.
Brined the Turkey over night and didn't cook it in a bag, Sweet Potatoes ... peeled and in the pot, the pot with brown sugar and a cinnamon stick. You get it. Anyway here are the pages I just smile when I see them. It also makes me want to make the dinner all over again. It was hard work but like the stickease mentions Homemade is love!

The other item I am sharing is just a little card with some of the left overs from my level one kit. I love those as it makes you look like you spent hours on your page when really it took minutes.
This is pattern straight out of the wishes book. I thought it turned our really nice.
Supplies: Level 1 Sweet Home Kit
Ink: Indian Corn Blue, Buttercup
Accessories: Brads, Buttercup cord (on hand)
Other: Wishes book
Hope on over to Jean's blog.
Ok so I know that was a lot to take in so if you need to view the entire list here it is. I hope you had a lovely time show some love if you like :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hop right in...

So this is one of my favorite photo's a few years ago my daughter was out playing in her fort or at the park and came home with a pet.

I was surprised to see it was a pet frog. I also thought it was funny to watch the look on her face when I told her that me and her Uncle Jamie used to have pet frogs and that we had one that was trained (or so we thought) and that we used to go and collect tons of tad polls and watch them mature into little froggies.

I have found that you cannot really do that in Illinois for some reason but in Southern California it worked out great!!!

Anyway back to the reason we are here. Scrapbook pages!!!

I knew the second I saw this kit that it would be perfect for my froggie photo's so I went ahead and bought it and it sat...

and sat...

and sat...

until this week when I did a quick page all about her pet frog.

Here is the journaling box telling the story of her frog. I also thought the little collect embelishment and the little froggie tag were so cute.

Here is the finished page. It took me all of 13 minutes to put together start to finish.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

6 degrees

I hope you enjoy. Last month I had some fun over at Personal Scrapper I did a game/swap that was called six degrees of seperation. I was given a page to case and here is what I came up with.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

You Color My World

How many times have we heard that for a scrapbook page title? I imagine quite a few. I have actually never done a page using that title until now.

Earlier this week I had a fun event at my uplines place and she was calling it Chocolate University (more on that later) and she wanted to have a few shoebox swaps.

I love swaps I can't get enough of them so I went ahead and volunteered.

I started out making page elements and I thought I would just call them page candy. My fellow consultant Linda is not a big card maker and the last time we swapped she made a super cute topper. I though oh if I just do some elements then I can show that you can either use them on a card or on a page.

So I set off to do just that. I though this journal box could also be the inside of a card.

I still needed more though and soon I found myself ditching the candy idea, though I do plan to come back to it at a later date. So I ditched the calendar and just decided to do up a whole page!

I had some photo's of my daughter, yes again in 2007, at the end of the school year. I didn't really know what I wanted to do with these pics but I did remember that she was wearting RED. I also knew that the paper I was working with Animal Cookies was full of primary colors.
Yep you see the light bulb over my head nwo don't you. LOL

The photos went perfect with the paper. In the journaling box I talked about how they were painted up until they played all day in the rain.

The kids loved it! As you can see at the end of the day I also mounted the photo and gave it a little side stamping as well. I love the way it turned out! They were drenched and had no more color on their faces or in their hair.

So there is my swap. The stamp set I used is called Priceless Love Word Puzzle I have loved this set since I got it but this was the first time that I actually used it.

Now I am a double page girl pretty much anything I do involves two pages. So here is the companion page that I came up with. Now the swap was only the one page.

I love how this turned out with the jumbo hearts and the top notch die peeking out from under.

I think the journaling on this part is so fun as well.

"Your last week of school - Special"
"Getting to play soccer in the rain on a hot day - Sweet"
"Beating the boys! - Priceless"

I leave you today with a close up of the hearts. These were two whole hearts but I cut them apart so that I could intertwine them.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A little scrapbook story

I have been scrapping a lot and making super cute cards but have I been sharing? No I have just been a big talker! So I thought I would give you a page to prove that I really have been hard at work. Now I would share them all but then I would be right back at mmm I have a blog what do I talk about now. LOL

Without further ado the page.
About a year or two ago...ok ok I am still scrapping in 2007! So a few years ago Danielle and her friend Sara somehow, someway conned Savannah into letting them fix her up.
I was in the other room minding my own business when I got up to go do something. I peeked my head into the girls' bedroom and this is what I saw!
Savannah being practically held down and Danielle and Sara all up in her face giggling and putting make up on Savannah. Savannah doesn't mind dressing up here and there but make up...she is so not interested at all!
Being the best mom in the world I did not say what are you doing to your sister stop it! I instead contained my laughter and ran to get my camera!
I was able to capture the horror and fear on my little Savannah's face and then after I got my shots I could keep composed no more! I laughed and said in a stern voice what do you think you are doing? Haha! Sara and Danielle were very proud of their handy work!
As you can see from a current photo of Savannah she is already super beautiful and doesn't even need make up.
She is off to be a freshman in a few weeks and so I am waiting for the day when I try to get into the bathroom so I can get ready for work only to find her in there putting on make-up.
I know if it bound to happen even is she can go without.
Here is a close up of the journal box. I love how it turned out. I used some white chipboard and took a marker and went around it to give the box an extra jump off the page since it was white on white.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My 10 Studio's

Edited to add my current studio set up: It is a mess but I have a lot of natual sun light and it is my little corner of the world...
So I have been a slacker blogging lately, actually pretty much ever since I moved. It is hard to get moved because you are so busy and then it just ends and you have to put it all away. Add to that the end of the school year, graduations (8th grade and high school), a toddler, a trip to LA...mix a little summer in with a broken camera and wala you have a neglected blog. Sorry guys I will try to be better. I have been visiting my sister blogs and have been inspired what they put up every day. I have also been organizing and going through photos and trying to get caught up. It is working so yeah me! I have managed to scrap 5 pages and make 3 cards and it is only August 5 so whoo hoo...I even developed some photo's so I am on my way and I will be sharing some pages and cards very soon. In the mean time I thought we would talk about space and where we scrapbook or make cards or sew. Where do you do these things? I don't sew but I used to paint. I thought I would take you down a little studio memory lane.

Studio 1 - My first apartment I had not yet discovered scarpbooking and I was doing a lot of painting and drawing. I loved colored pencils and pen and ink. I had a nice desk in a nook in my dining room. I loved this apartment so much. It was eventually turned into a desk against a wall to make room for toys.

Studio 2 - A corner in my living room. I didn't stay here long but the corner was nice as the living room was huge. I am not even sure I unpacked my craft stuff here.

Studio 3 - A corner in my living room and I used it all the time but it was not very cute. It stayed up on my scrapbooking and went to tons of crops.

Studio 4 - A area in the living room behind my couch. I think it was a good size considering how tiny the apartment was I had a desk a book shelf and a couple tables. I got so much scrapbooking done here! I loved this space because it was a part of the living room but you couldn't see the mess. This is the studio where I really started becoming addicted to stamps!

Studio 5 - The first time I had a private studio it was in my bedroom and my room was shaped in an L so I had part of the L as my studio and it was so nice and so pretty and so so so...lonely. I never got anything done unless the girls were up stairs with me watching TV.

Studio 7 - Now I am back in with the family and into a room that is suppose to be a dinning room. This room was nice it had two doors in it so I could close out the mess or the noise if I wanted and I scrapped on a folding table. It had the best lighting and I got a lot done here.

Studio 8 - Back into the bedroom I go but the house is so tiny and my now husband also has a studio in there a music studio. I know how did it all fit with a bed and all.

It was a challenge and then we got a new bedroom set and boom the studio 8 was moving into the living room and my hubby's into the kitchen which ironically was on the same wall about 6 feet away from each other. LOL it was a small house. I actually got so much done at this tiny little desk.

This desk actually was a part of my daughters bedroom set but again it was so tiny in the house and the girls were sharing a room so I took this to give them more room.

I fell in love with it though it was the first time I had ever faced a wall when scrapping. I love the vertical space though and the drawers are so big!

I was happy to move but I was a little sad to have to give her back her desk.

Studio 9 - Again I had a whole room but this time it was fabulous as it was beautiful and big and right in the heart of the home.
It was a sitting room I suppose once upon a time and I got to use these cool hutches my hubby got at work and we bought a new desk too. I kind of miss him working at the furniture store.

He got two of these and they were only $20 each wow what a steal huh...he got them at different times but one was "damaged" missing glass so they were going to toss it. The other was solo and so he asked if he could buy it too and they said sure.

We decided to purchase a table to match and give me a lot of work space so we went on the hunt and finally found a really cool one that was perfect and two toned.

We put it in between the two hutches and it had a lot of room. I even had a little computer area and still plenty of space to scrapbook and stamp.

I loved it because everything was right at my finger tips. I was facing the living room and I had room for company.

I also had a brilliant idea for my embellishments so I bought these shelves and made it look so fabulous and ease to know if you can see it you can use it!

I will give you an up close cause this was my favorite part. Since it was so perdy and all. ;)

Then we moved again...I move a lot.

Bringing me to Studio 10 - Now we are back in a smaller home but it is enough space...almost. the hubster is in his man-cave a.k.a basement and I was at a loss of where to go. I can't be in the bedroom as it doesn't have so much room and my hubby works 3rd shift. I can't be in the living room becauase the baby will tough everything. The dinning room has a great closet and that is what I chose but then I started moving stuff around and now I ended up in a nook in the kitchen and I am back using my daughters it is all mine though. She wanted to get rid of it. Got rid of the matching dresser and we got her a new one so now it is all mine! Mine mine mine...LOL I love it. It is a little small but it works for now and I have really been using it a lot. Best part is it is at the very back of the house so if I am in the middle of something it is ok. The baby isn't really allowed in the kitchen alone so that takes care of that too. I am still using the closet and plan to put floor to ceiling shelves in there so I can have everything else at my finger tips.

Yep this is working good...well until the kids start moving out ;)