Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow much fun

Here is another set of fabulous pages from my friend and upline Regina. I love what she did with all the details. We have the great fibers under the circles. We have a great set of strips showing off our white core. I love doing that by the way.

The paper that she used was the Stardust paper. I was not sure what I was going to do with these great pages when I first got them as I have all girls and they are more boyish. Then I had a vision of snow...all I have to do is look around outside to get that vision so don't be too impressed. Haha. We have had so much snow in Illinois this year it has been crazy!

Anyway back to the page. I saw snow and I knew the perfect photo's to use so I begain digging...and digging...and digging. Then I found them!

My daughter had the best snow photo's as she loves the snow. She loves to be outside in it, sledding, snowboarding, building...it really doesn't matter. She can spend hours out there and some of her snow gear was even blue and green just like this paper! wowzer...what a match. I love it when that happens.

I really love how she doubled up on the arrows and tied some string around the top one. It adds just a little more umph to the page.

Monday, January 26, 2009

A little baby love...

Today I thought I would show a little love...a little baby love that is. I was in a swap with a few friends and I received these pages from Stacy.
She used the gorgeous new paper That's Amore from CTMH. Her attention to details was just fabulous. Here she took one of our big flowers and stamped the word love on it and then she aged the petals and used a heart for the center. I didn't get a good photo of it but the heart is all sharkly goodness. I love a little sparkle here and a little bling there.

She also used the new Martha Steward punch at the top of the page. I love the effect. Stacy said she had to have it after seeing my monogram cards.
Moving over to the next page she featured the new brads and the cute little journaling cards. Both of which are coming on Wednesday. I cannot wait to play with them!
On thing that I thought was so fun about this page as the subject. I think she is my favorite person to scrapbook. I just want to squeeze her when I look at these photo's. I cannot beleive how fast she grew in the past year. I think it is so funny that next to the words "you're adored" her face is scrunched up like stop kissing me already!!! As if we could. My goodness those soft squishy cheeks are make for kissing.
I just wanted to add...is there anything more adorable than baby feet?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A quick coach card.

I though I would do a quick card share today. Some of you may have already seen this one and if you have I am sorry. It has been a crazy week at our house but I didn't want to leave you with nothing. I picked this one because Basketball started this week and so I was thinking about coaches and how special they really are.

This card came together very very fast one morning before a party to celebrate the season. I used the Game On paper from CTMH and the fun thing that I really liked about this card is the fact that Thanks went around in the circle. It was the first time I have gotten to do something fun because I was using and acrylic stamp. I was trying to think mmm where should I put thanks and oh I could do a little one in the circle and then I had that a-ha moment!
I added a touch of twill and then finished up the inside. That is my big thing now is to always finish the card and make sure the inside is as cute as the outside just a lot simpler. It could be a little color here or a little paper there.

There you have it a super fast card that took less than 15 minutes and that is 15 morning minutes folks. If you knew me you would know that morning minutes are not the same as night time minutes. Haha!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Clearly I had fun...

Clear acrylic albums they are all the rage and I have been itching to make mine up since I got it a few months ago. I just didn't know where I wanted to go with it and so it sat and taunted me. I would scrap or make cards and it would sit there clearly mocking me...well I had the last laugh as I finally dove into the album after seeing a beautiful album made by a fellow demo named Suzie that had been done using instructions from Diane Tuggle. My fist incling was to copy hers until I figured out that I didn't have what she used so then I was on my own. I did use the Perfect Day paper and made the front cover almost identicle but that is where the similarities end. Thank you Diane and Suzie for such great inspiration.
Here is what the whole album looks like when it is all finished.
Once I started the album I realized the challenges!
What adhesvie, where to place the papers, do you leave some of it clear...it just goes on and on. I used regular adhesive just my Tombo and glue dots. I did thing things through though. I put the adhesive where I knew that I would cover it up on the other side.
I also made sure that my pages looked nice and complemened each other. As you can see here the little page matches the page that it will be open to.
I also knew that I wanted to be able to keep several parts clear so that you could see what was on the next page. That was part of the fun really.
Here you can see the Tulip scallops from the next page and the hint of cream scallops from the page after that.
I don't think I mentioned that the pictures that I chose to use were photos that I have had forever and ever. I went to California when I was 19, it was a gift from my parents for my 18th brithday. Anyway for some reason I only took one roll of photos. I wanted to tell the story so I journaled...a lot.
This was a fun story to tell though so I didn't mind at all. This was pretty much the middle of the book so you really can't see much of what was in behind anything here but I love the way it turned out.
I also used the same paper and only adheard it to once sice so that Sorbet that you see is used for both pages.
I want you to notice the arrow as this is fun too...on one side it says Redondo Peir and on the other it says Redondo Beach. I also have the fourish chip board covered with juniper paper and it mimics waves.
Again here you can see all the scallops and hints of this that and the other from the pages before.
And at last the end. Did you notice the clear buttons? I covered them in double sided paper that went along with the page.
I finished it off with tons more journaling and then I tied ribbon along the jump rings. I used cream, sorbet, chocolate and want to add a tulip color when I get the chance.
Well I hope you have enjoyed this album and I hope you have been inspired to make one for yourself.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cards cards cards

Today I thought I would share a few cards that I am going to be featuring at my VIP Catalog Kickoff party!

Actually my last few posts have been some sneek peeks into my Daydream display. I joined a swap and I choose daydream all because I loved this paper. I loved that it was green and pink (my favorites) and the stripes kind of made it look like ribbon. There is another paper in this Level 2 paper pack that is just pure fun. So because of the paper this was my choice.

Anyway when I got it delivered to my door step and looked at it I was like ruh ro' because it was not something that I might normally pick. It was very pretty but I wasn't so sure what I should do. I needed to make this great wow swap with one stamp set (Cupcake Sprinkles) and one level 2 paper pack. I also got the cute ribbons and the little pins that I am totally in love with.

I started thinking...and thinking...and thinking some more. I knew right away that the paper screamed birthday an since my little on turned one. Since I was in birthday mode I came up with this card. I made a cute little scallop edge and added some chip board circles. I also used the chocolate alphabet on the inside of my card.

My new obsession with cards...finishing the inside. When ever I show my mom one of my cards she always opens it and says...what nothing inside? So now if I don't finish the inside I can hear her like she is standing on my shoulder or something. haha. My grandma is on my other shoulder telling me to sign the back so that people know who made the card.

For my next card I really wanted to do some thing a little bit different. I loved the little froggies and the princess in the stamp set Happy Endings but alas I didn't buy that one so what is a girl to do? Well cut the frogs out of the paper of course! Have you noticed the new thing to do in scrapbooking is to cut up your patterned paper and make your own embelishments? Well why not do that with cards too?

I added some pop dots and put my little frog prince on my card and wala...easy peasy. I also added a few stitches using Simple Stitches. This card came together very quickly. I added a little sentiment from He Said, She Said and put in a few creamy brads and then onto the inside where I just wrote "in you" since I didn't have a stamp that said that.

My last card for the day is a fun little cupcake card. I used the Daydream paper, Cupcake Sprinkles, and some Liquid Glass. I also added some ric rack down the side and some bling on the cupcake holder.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these cards I certainly had a great time making them.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dare to Daydream!

Happy New Year! Can you believe it is already 2009? I hope you had a wonderful Christmas season.

Hopefully you are not tired of reading about babies birthdays because I decided that I just had to scrapbook a few of my favotire pictures with CTMH's new Daydream paper along with the stamp set Cupcake Sprinkles (a must have).

I decided these will go into the family album. I am going to make her a cute little mini book soon filled with more photo's, her cards, and the little signature page that I had everyone sign when they came in.

Here is a close up of my favorite part of the page. I love the way the title came out. The title is made up of the Friendship Alphabet from CTMH stamped in Blush and the word birthday is a font using my new Christmas toy cut out in Sweet Leaf. I decided that the candle would be a perfect "i" and then I added some bling and some frosting...i.e. Liquid Glass to the cupcake and wala...a yummy little title.

I am trying to journal more on my pages. I don't know why I find it so hard I have kept a journal since I was 10 but I guess it is because I am worried about spelling and punctuation. A while back I decided that it is what it is and that I do make errors it is part of who I am so I catch what I can and don't worry about the rest. I try to make it my own writing most of the time as I love to see my ancestors handwritten document's.

Now that I have the end of 2008 scrapbooked I am going to start at the begining. What type of pages are you working on?