Saturday, October 31, 2009

Around the Blog .... I mean Block!

Welcome to our Stamp of the Month Blog Hop! This month's SOTM is called Around the Block and it's a fun set of 26. This house stamp will bring the home of your dreams to life. We have over 60 fabulous CTMH Consultants sharing their artwork for this stamp set this month so I hope you'll check them all out! You can view the complete lists HERE.

If you came here from Melissa’s blog then you are at the right place. When you're done here, hop on over to Lori's blog to see her adorable projects

Here is a little card that I did letting our friends and family that “We’ve Moved”
We are so happy in our new home and it seems like I always have these grand plans to make cards but this time since we purchased our home and we are staying I finally did it. When I saw that stamp of the month I knew that it was something I had to really follow through on this time. I love how they turned out. I used some more of my Animal Cookies paper and I think I really am pretty much of out it. Alright alright we all know I have a little bit left so I will see if I can do something more with that soon. Now back to my house! At first I was a little worried that all the piecing together would take a long time but it didn’t take long at all. It also made me have a smile on my face the entire time I was making these cards. I love how all the parts of the house have patterns. In my case and in the card’s case home really is where the heart is. I even made my flowers multi colored by stamping on the polka dot page. I just used brown to color in the window sill. I also pub stickles all over the window and the window in the door because every one loves a little sparkle.
I added some ribbon and a few brads and wala…adorable fun card.

All Products CTMH unless otherwise stated: Animal Cookies Level 2 paper pack, Black Ink, White brads, White silk ribbon (in my stash), Top Notch die (SU)

My next card is all about the mojo. All week ok all month I have been looking for it. While we were in the hotel all I wanted to do was to have my space back and now that I have it back I have been working furiously to get it cleaned up so I can have a little fun. I have made a ton of progress and have gotten quite a few cards done this week. No scrapbooking yet but soon, I can just feel it! Anyway I was looking for some challenges and came across this Monday Mojo sketch and knew that I could come up with a fun card. I decided to show off the bendable capabilities that our stamps have.

I just think this house is so fun and so I decided to make it a round house. It turned out a little silly but so fun and cute. I also got to watercolor on this card. One of my favorite techniques and I love to color! I just used a watercolor pen and the top of the inks. I hope you enjoy it I imagine that little forest animals live in the house. ;)

Products Used (all CTMH): Twitterpatted Level 2 paper pack, Dimensional Elements in Color, Chocolate Ribbon Rounds, Waxy Flax, Mavy scallop punch, Garden Green marker, Sorbet marker, Crystal Blue ink pad, Buttercup ink pad.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The pony couldn't keep up...

As many of you know we have been on the move. Well we have been having mail problems spaciffically we did not recieve mail for almost a whole month. Wait actually it was about a month. It all started when we moved for the first time this year from our rental. What happened is we thought we were going to buy one house and ended up living in it for about 3 months. It fell though...good thing...super cute but way to small for a family of 5. So we moved again but we couldn't close fast enough so we had to move into a motel. Yikes! The first one my hubby chose was such a dive and very scary. Scary scary and he works third shift eeek! After a week we moved into a regular hotel and it felt like a 5 star resort! haha We stayed there...all FIVE of us in one room with two beds. Yep good times...good times. We finally closed on our house and we could not be happier. The mail has not been so happy. One week...two weeks...finally I came home on Tuesday and had this big stack staring at me. My hubby said his pile was also this big! WOW

Can you beleive out of this whole stack I only had one good peice of mail and that was this cute card from my friend Patti. She is a big reason why I stamp. She brought me over to the dark side with her and it has been a ton of inky fun ever sense! Personally it makes me giggle to compare the stack of mail with the height of the card.

Here is a close up so you can see the cute bling at the top. My favorite part of the card though...what is written inside. It is so true that a card can really brighten someones day. This one sure did brighten mine.

Update - I forgot to tell you all the rest of the story! LOL The mail when it finally came had our original old address on it and some of it had the 3 month address. When I filled out the change of address slip the first time, and when my husband did it the second time. We only put our most recent move on there and I think it tripped up the system. Somehow I only ended up with two small past due bills. Not bad for such a big stack.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Black, White & a little Technicolor sneek peek

So I have a million cards that I need to make and send. Since I had a party to go to last night I though I would start with the birthday cards first. This is for a family friend who was turning 60 and it was a suprise party. I could seem to get the card done all week so this ended up as a last minute card. I did manage to finish it and added some shiny stuff and left it to dry while I went and got dressed.

I used paper from Game On and the stamp set is from last months freebie promotion. Everyday Expressions. I wanted to use the stamp set from the Jingle work shop on the go kit but I am still putting stuff away and well I can't find it anywhere. I know it is here...ugh.

I tried to get a close up of the stickles but I couldn't get it t focus however you can see the brads they just add a little more depth to the card.

I wanted to do a few more fancy things but I wanted to make my dad's card a little more special than this one so I did all the stuff I wanted to do to this card to his.

On his card I did the balloons. I had done the cake but I could not get the chip board to work. I have three of the balloons popped up and I also made them sparkly as well.

The chip board is just some that I had lying around and it was naked so I colored it black. Fot the balloon ties I just did a little free hand loop de loops.

I wanted to keep it pretty simple but I do like the way it turned out. Now I just have to go and buy the gift. I am getting my dad a crock pot! LOL I know it is a weird gift for a 60 year old man but he has been talking about wanting one and he lives by himself  and craves the home cooked meal.

Now for a little a few short days I am going to be participating in a blog hop. These hops are so so much fun! it is such a great way to get ideas for the latest and greatest stamp of the month.  Here is ajust a tiny little peice of my project. I hope you will come back to see it on November 1st!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Soccer is winding down

My little soccer superstar Savannah has been playing for about 9 years now I have been going to soccer every fall. A few years ago she also joined the school soccer team so we had soccer on Saturday, practice throught the week and then we had after school soccer as well.

I always find myself a little lost with the soccer photo's but I don't know why. I usually end up loving the pages once I come up with my layout.
These photo's turned out the same way. This paper from the June 2009 over at PersonalScrapper it was a challenge in a on line crop over there.

I really loved how the paper matched up so great. i mean the unitorm is blue and the stars...very nifty. I also bumped the stars up and put the paper underneith.

You can see a detail below. Speaking of details I am really trying to hone in on them when I scrapbook and make cards.

It is the little things that make all the difference in the world. The details with make your page go from flat to fabulous. You also have to find ballance I mean you don't want the fun details to over power your photos.

The star shot
I thought this detail was fun since it was an action shot and it was hard to tell which player was Savannah.
This detail is probably my favorite and I will tel you why. You probably can't tell but thsi shot is blury and the overay distracts the blur and puts the action all over the photo where it should be. You can feel the movement in the photo.  I also loved that I captured her really getting in there to get that ball away from that other girl.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Color my world with chocolate....yummy!

So I love to make altered items here and there. I am trying to stay one up on the holidays this year and saw these tea tins on line and thought this would make a great gift for teachers or co-workers. I mean you don't find a lot of people who do not like chocolate.

I first decided to use up my left over paper from a swap from ONE kit. Sometimes I cannot believe how far a kit can go it is fabulous! It is funny too because when I first saw this paper it was not my style per say but I have made the cutest things with it and it has turned out to be one of my favorite kits. Animal Cookies can be found in the summer 2009 idea book.

I did the lids first just because it was the easiest thing to start with. I took a circle and then put some of the foam numbers on top randomly. This one happens to be 1,2,3 but it doesn't have to be that way. I did want to make sure I got different sizes and colors though.

Next I did the body of the tin, I tried it a few different ways but it works best if you first put the card stock on and then the B&T duos paper I used a heavy duty adhesive as the card stock is heavy and since it is sitting up right. I loved how the top notch die looked in my swap so I used it again here.

Stamp set was Priceless Love which I am looking forward to using on some valentines day projects for my honey.

Once you have the design down and all of your paper on fill the tin with little chocolates and wala...a yummy little treat for someone special!