Saturday, July 31, 2010

Something an splended color combo from

H2H! So for this months blog hop I found myself looking at my desk and thinking what do I want to make and then I went blog hopping. I came across this weeks H2H's color challenge and fell in love so I decided to use it with my Something Splended set and wala here we go.

If you cam from Carla Ironside's blog you are on the right path.

I used Vineyard Berry, Blush, and Creme Brule for the H2H colors and used a pattern from the Originals book for this delightful card design.

I just love this months set. It is a set of 13 gorgeous stamps.

When I was making this I wanted to pop it up and make it shimmer so I added prisma glitter all over the top and then put liquid glass over that. I love how it turned out. Here is a close up

I hope you enjoy this months swap please continue on over to Judy Burger's blog to see what she has come up with for this month.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How about a sneak peek?

Of some new colors..and a new set although you can't see much of in on this card. I have not had a moment to really tell you how fabulous the CTMH convention was! It was absolutly amazing!!! We were showered with goodies as well as a convention only stamp set. That is what you are looking at now these buterflies from Picture This (which was the theme of convention) were just so adorable and I thought they would be a perfect way to show of a few of the new colors in the Summer line. Juniper you have seen it but you can also see Smoothie & Gypsy here.

If you notice the cute little wimsicle swirls that is a stamp set Circle of Love that will be in the upcoming idea book.

Did you notice those cute little pearls? Those are Opaques out of the Mocha line they are yummy!

Alright well I hope you enjoyed the little sneak peek.

Perfect Day level 2 paper pack
Juniper Cardstock
Colonial White Cardstock
Chocolate Ribbon Rounds
Opaques - Mocha
Juniper Ink
Gypsy Ink
Smoothie Ink
Chocolate Ink
Circle of Love stamp set
Picture This stamp set
Unity stamp set

Friday, July 23, 2010

Alrighty then

so you know how you sometimes have eyes bigger than your tummy? Well apparently I have more blog plans than actual time! I really don't like posting my scrapbook pages without photo's BUT I am going to break my own rule. These are the swaps that I wanted to share with you last week but as you can see I still have not pics so I am going to share now and I might share again once I have the photo's on there.

now you have seen the close ups here are the pages

and all of them ready to go

I will try to add photo's and post the final version soon. I make 8 spots because we got to take 8 excelent classes at convention.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I missed you all

while I was away on my little hiatus. Here is the card to prove it!
This was the other swap card that I had these were pieces that I had from an open house last summer. From that card to this I would have never dreamed that I used many of the same pieces.  It is amazing how you can revamp scraps. I think I will make up the rest of the cards that I planned on making until I ran out of time and share those will all of you in the near future tomorrow.

I was actually planning on showing you my scrapbook pages that I swapped today but I have not been able to get the photo's on there yet so maybe tomorrow or this weekend...

Sweet Home Paper
Neighborhood Stamp Set
Indian Corn Blue, Buttercup, & White Daisy Cardstock
Indian Corn Blue & Black ink

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rockstars, Stampstars and Swapstars

I know that I have talked about my friend Patti before here on my blog and today I find myself doing it again. I just cannot help it she is super fabulous and I just feel great when ever she is near. She is also always willing to help out a friend. She also knows that I am a Last Minute on with the story.
 Patti called me up and asked if I wanted to stamp and I said of course!!! Well once I told her I needed to work on my swaps for convention she said ohh I can help with those!  So she came on over and these are the cards we came up with. I had a bunch of left over cards from my February Stamp of the Month Birthday card class (you can see cards here and here) so I thought that making up some cards would be a great way to use what I have and use up stuff that I already had cut. It was like a double bonus! Actually not only is it a bonus but it shows that I am growing and have some self control. Lets just say in the past I have found myself over my head in swaps and now I know that I should show a little restraint. Making up my old projects is a win win solution for everyone. My projects get a fresh start, I used up my projects, and the swaps are perhapse a little fancier than if I just came up with 50 of the same card...see win win win!

This card got shaken up a bit from the original card and made to feel very rock and roll.  There is a lot of fun movement with the flourishes and if you can't see it there is also some Glitz on the splatters.
Next card actually turned out very simalar to the orignal one which is funny as I didn't have any of the origial cards anymore and my laptop was upstairs.  This card makes me feel like I threw pain at the wall and then sparyed some stars on. I really think it turned out fun.
Next up is a sunny card that will make you feel like a star! This one is a little more refined but still quite fun and playful. This card also turned out a lot like the first card but it is turned on it's side. I didn't have any links to show you.
This next card is fast becoming a favorite pattern of mine as it is a great way to use up scraps. To make those cool color scalops you just trim a strip of paper down to 1" and then punch it with a 1 1/4" circle punch and it will give you a flat line on each side. Match up the sides to buid your scallop border. I also like the new look of leaving the string a little longer on the buttons to make it look like it just came right of of the machine or project.

Level 2 You Rock Paper Pack
Autumn buttons
Star Power Stamps

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Well hello there

I know it has just been forever and a day since I have posted. I don't know where the time has gone. I have looked all over for it but alas I could not find it. Anyway here I am so yay

So lets see what have I been up to...well I was getting ready for the Close To My Heart Convention. I had never been but it was amazing in Washington DC! Everywhere I turned I kept finding that that is what I that is amazing, wow amazing, amazing... I went on the DC the Lights tour with On Board of the city at night and wow...yep you guessed it amazing.

oh an really hot - that say 101 and it is about 8pm ...
But I saw some amazing things like the Korean War Memorial
the Lincoln Meorial
and the Washington Monument as well as the reflection pond
the White House
the World War II memorial with a great view of the Washington Monument in the background
and Capitol Hill

there were so many more things but...anyway I also got to meet some of my favorite bloggers and I would be so excited and feel a little stalker like at the same time.

Now that I am feeling a little more like myself again I will be posting some art work and tell a little more about the convention itself.