Saturday, February 6, 2010

How about some cake?

I am so in love with the Peice of Cake stamp set! I have actually been creating a ton but have just not even found a second to post a little yummy goodness to all of my blogging friends. My little one has decided that she should not only go to bed when I do but sleep in my bed. It has been fun. I thought she was such a big girl in her toddler bed, forgetting how much freedom that gives them. whops...anyway we have a new bed time routine and most of the time it work here is what happens when it doesn't
Ok so now onto some yummy cards. I have been getting a few requests for birthday cards and so I thought this set was perfect for a birthday bananza workshop! I will share a few cards that we will be making. We are doing six, one for each cake in the set but I will show off my two favorites tonight.

I love the way the cake turned out in this card. On the inside I just have a bunch of the candles along  the bottom it looks super cute.

For this one I just like it because it woud totally work for a man/boy card.

Look for more later.