Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Big news...Big news...

I was on social media a few weeks ago and saw a design team call. I enjoy design teams they motivate me and keep me from getting to lazy in my craft. They also help me keep up a little better on my blog.

I decided to send off an application to Between the Fold Weekly Challenges (BTF) and I got a response back that they would love to have me on the team!


A little bit about Between the Fold, they are a relatively new challenge blog (July 2015) they had some pretty cool challenges last year Back to School, CTMH Cricut Cuts (love me some cricut!), and Home D├ęcor. Now these are just a few but wow! Fun, adorable...I really hope that you will be able to play along. How do you do that you ask???

Well let me tell you all about it.

The main rules are use a product from CTMH, create a new project following the theme, have fun!

Challenges will run Bi-Weekly on Tuesdays, a member from the Design Team will post a new challenge theme along with our team creations. Scrapbook Layouts, Cards, 3-D Items, etc...the list of possibilities is endless as long as they are new and have at least one CTMH item on it (the more the better...just saying) also if it isn't obvious what is from CTMH please let us know. You will have one week to link up your projects and our Design Team will be back the following week to choose the winners and to post a new challenge.

Please go ahead and follow us by email so that you never miss a challenge. Hope to see you soon! My first project will be up in the very near future. I hope you like it.

Friday, January 15, 2016

DD 11 all about Santa

Every year my mom talks to Santa and has him send my little one a letter. I am done with the page but I might try and add a pocket of her reading the letter later but here is how the page is so far.

I had this cute zip strip that said hohoho and that adorable little I love Santa saying. Well I knew I wanted to incorporate it but was not sure how then I had the brilliant idea to make the Santa saying a banner of sorts and attach it to the hohoho so I found some light paper and stuck it to that punched some holes and made a little flip tag.

Here you can see that the little bit of journaling I did here can be seen. and it was a fun way to have a little bit of interaction on the page. The 11 down in the corner is actually some lower case L's that I had on a old letter sheet.

This is as far as I have gotten in my December Daily though I do have more pages planned I am hoping to use some of my Sunday scrapping time to complete this super fun mini album. I have really enjoyed doing it this year errr last year.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

DD10 Gingerbread

Day 10 is pretty simple just a little bit about a gingerbread house that my girls made. The little one made this with just a tiny bit of help from her sister! I thought they did a great job!! Better than I ever could for sure. I liked the way I tied in some more of the wood words that I used on day 1.

I have still not bought anything for my December Daily I have been tempted a few times just because well I love paper and stuff but I told myself nope use what you have!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

DD9...life unexpected

Day nine seemed like any other winter day...ok ok it wasn't we have been having unseasonably hot weather here this month  but it was like a regular day. Nothing to exciting happened so I was not real sure what my page would be today maybe fill it in with some cute wrapping paper or something. Well about 11 o'clock at night I get a phone call...that can't be good everyone knows I go to bed super early. It was my son-in-law telling me that my daughter is having a hard time breathing and wants me to take her to the ER. Well that woke me right up!!

I hopped in the car to go get her. I of course hit every single red light. We get there and they immediately got her settled into a room and give her a breathing treatment and take her vitals. Came back to check on her the breathing treatment should have worked better so they ran a ton of tests gave her another breathing treatment...took her in for a CAT scan. That wasn't scary at all. They wanted to do that because they wanted to check for a blood clot since she is young and healthy. She came back good to go with that...thank God! The x-rays showed that she had a lot of flem and swelling in her lungs so they went ahead and admitted her. She ended up staying two nights!

Turns out she is very allergic to her sisters dog. She goes over there and babysits so that my other daughter and son in law can work...2nd and 3rd shifts, So now they all have to make some changes and decisions about sitters and shifts.

Today's page has some hidden journaling on it since that is a long story.


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

DD8...the mail

Did you think I had forgotten about finishing this up? I didn't. I just ran into a few issues...like getting sick and then on top of that getting the flu x3! My little one got it first and shared it with the rest of the family. Yikes it was brutal which meant instead of doing a lot of scrapbooking over my break (I am lucky to get time off at Christmas through New Years) I spent it recovering.

Anyway you don't want to hear about that. Today's page is a 3 x 8 and has a little bracket on the edge so it is just a little half page.

I just wanted to tell a quick little bit about getting my cards out in the mail. I also got to use up this fun little button that my mom gave me last year or maybe the year before that. She got them from JC Penny's I just popped the back off and added a pop dot. I thought it went well with this old Jingle paper that I had. That little round hohoho came from Stitch in Time again. Come back again for tomorrows story...it is a doozy!