Wednesday, January 13, 2016 unexpected

Day nine seemed like any other winter day...ok ok it wasn't we have been having unseasonably hot weather here this month  but it was like a regular day. Nothing to exciting happened so I was not real sure what my page would be today maybe fill it in with some cute wrapping paper or something. Well about 11 o'clock at night I get a phone call...that can't be good everyone knows I go to bed super early. It was my son-in-law telling me that my daughter is having a hard time breathing and wants me to take her to the ER. Well that woke me right up!!

I hopped in the car to go get her. I of course hit every single red light. We get there and they immediately got her settled into a room and give her a breathing treatment and take her vitals. Came back to check on her the breathing treatment should have worked better so they ran a ton of tests gave her another breathing treatment...took her in for a CAT scan. That wasn't scary at all. They wanted to do that because they wanted to check for a blood clot since she is young and healthy. She came back good to go with that...thank God! The x-rays showed that she had a lot of flem and swelling in her lungs so they went ahead and admitted her. She ended up staying two nights!

Turns out she is very allergic to her sisters dog. She goes over there and babysits so that my other daughter and son in law can work...2nd and 3rd shifts, So now they all have to make some changes and decisions about sitters and shifts.

Today's page has some hidden journaling on it since that is a long story.


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