Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vroom vroom...

some more Cruisin' today. I made this card for a special man in my life, my dad. I don't make him to many cards because he opens them says oh that's nice and tosses them aside. LOL He doesn't understand that he is suppose to ohhh and ahhh over them like my girls but that isn't why I make them so it is all good. 

When I saw this motorcycle stamp in the catalog I knew I had to have it right away as I have many people in my life that actually love motorcycles. This is the first time I have taken this set for a ride. I kept the card pretty simple. I popped up the bike. 

What I also love about this set is the barbed wire. Here is a random fact or two about me. I live in the farming town where barbed wire was invented! Our schools often use barbed wire on different things and is known as the home of the Barbs and our school mascot a giant black crow when I went to school here his name was Barbie Crow but I guess they have changed it since then. there you have it, I should get quite a bit of use out of this fun set.

I always finish off the insides of my cards as you can see here it is just like the outside and then I have a big white square in there so I can write a quick note. I also added more barbed wire on the front of the envelope.

One last view you can see I popped up the different parts of the card. I was thinking about adding some bling on the inside of those stars but decided I liked it without. 

So over the last few days I have spent some time going through my blog and fixing my tags. I noticed that often I do not give you, dear reader, enough information and I am sorry! I guess I just get so excited about sharing something new with you that some times I give you bad photo's and no details. I will try to be better you might notice my tags grew...a lot! I went through and added paper packs and stamp sets to all of my posts. In doing this I also noticed I used to be a more consistent blogger and so I will be trying to be more consistent as well. I am pretty excited. 

Pattern Paper - Cruisin'
Cardstock - White Daisy, Grey Wool
Stamps - Born to Ride
Ink - Black, Cranberry
Tools - Paper Snips, Trimmer, 3D Foam Tape

*all supplies Close to my Heart unless otherwise noted

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Working at the car wash...

...sorry I am always putting some crazy song in your head. haha

I am not sure how it happened but I had the PERFECT photo's for this cruisin paper. I was really glad because even though it isn't my normal style (you know girly stuff) I was so drawn to it. I just think it is super duper fun!!

Originally I was going to change out some of the papers by flipping them but in the end I found that this side really was the best for the layout. Are these bottle caps so super fun?? I also love these little strips that now come on the top of the pattern paper. Perfect for little do-dads or accents.

I thought these bottle caps were fun and the best part is the one says "Sparkling Memories Anytime" How hilarious is that? I didn't even notice it until I had this page well under way. Another fun thing that I did was stamp the car in black and then in red and then I cut out the body of the car and pieced it over the black car. I love the way it turned out.

Supplies - CTMH unless otherwise stated
Pattern Paper - Cuisin'
Cardstock - White Daisy, Black, Cranberry
Ink - Black, Cranberry

Stamps - Cruisin WOTG exclusive set, Cocktail Alphabet
Other - Dimensional Elements Numbers, Bottle Caps

Monday, April 23, 2012

Make new friends...

and keep the know how the song goes.

If you scrapbook you might know about this interesting fact that I heard a while back. The average that someone stays into scrapbooking is 7 years. Now I have scrapbooked for many many years, 17 in fact.  I know many of my friends though scrapbooking so at first I did not agree with this. Then I started thinking about my scrapbooking habbits adn the habbits of my firends. I used to get together with them once a month and scrapbook, we would go to local scrapbook stores and we would go away on weekends. Then we sort of just stopped doing those things. Are we still friends? Yes! Do we all still scrapbook? Most of us.  I guess this theory might be correct after all. I myself have fallen back in love with scrapbooking and some of my friends have too so we are again doing weekend retreats. 

So where am I going with this right? Well I decided that even though some of my friends are scrapbooking again that I wanted to give a local club for scrapbookers a try. They have been around for several years and I know quite a few of the members but I never manage to make the meetings, the crops are always when I have plans...sigh. Then something happened. They had a meeting on a night that I could actually go and check them out!! So I went and I had a ton of fun, everyone was very nice and welcoming and now I know a little more about what they do and when they meet and I am all giddy because I have a whole bunch of new people to get to know while scrapbooking! 

I had to get ready for the meeting pretty quick and so what is a girl to do? Why grab a Workshop on the Go! of course!! I had just got Cruisin' a few days before so I tossed the extra stuff I needed and took off. Can I just tell you I love kits! Ha...I know that you know this if you read my blog on a regular basis. I was able to get this whole page done less the photos, and embellishments. 

I was able to get this patchwork done and those lines....those were hard but I recently got the CTMH ruler and had I known how much easier it is to do cool stuff like this I would have ordered it years ago. Just another one of those didn't know I couldn't live without it things...sort of like waxy flax.

I changed up a few things. I didn't like the car in stamped in black on Juniper so I put it on white and changed the banner to Juniper. I also added two photo's here as well as more photo's on the page before. That is the thing I like about the WOTG not only do I like kits but I like patterns I often modify them here and there but it give me a place to start. 

Here are some close ups 

As you can see I popped up some of my letters here and there. 

Supplies - CTMH unless otherwise stated
Pattern Paper - Cuisin'
Cardstock - White Daisy, Juniper
Ink - Black, Grey Wool, Twilight

Stamps - Cruisin WOTG exclusive set, Cocktail Alphabet
Other - Dimensional Elements Numbers, Bottle Caps

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Smiling - it makes you feel better. Often cards are like getting a smile in the mail. I thought I would make this little ATC for myself because sometimes I need a reminder to smile, not often but there are days...Anyway I adore Artist Trading Cards. Once upon a time I made them all the time and then I just sort of stopped. What do you do with them anyway? Well I suppose you could trade them...or you can just keep them without feeling guilty that you made a card and didn't send it out. It is nice to do stuff for yourself once in a while, actually all the time but that is hard but once in a while...that is easy.


Pattern Paper - CTMH - Dotty For You
Cardstock - Grey Wool, White Daisy
Ink - Black, Sunset, Lagoon, Sweat Leaf
Stamps - Hooray Bouquet
Other - Art Philosophy Cartridge, Bling

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dotty For You - Hooray

 I don't know if you know this about me but I love polka dots! I adore them, I love them and I am drawn to them. When I heard about this cute paper "Dotty For You" that Close to my Heart is featuring until the end of May I couldn't wait to see it up close and personal. I have to say is is C-U-T-E!!

I have just started playing around with it and here is what I came up with. I was enjoying colors that I don't normally use I added a little something here and a little something there...well anyway here is what I came up with.

I think I might even be falling for that chevron pattern that is just everywhere. As you can see in the photo's the middle section is actually a row of flowers that I cute out using the Art Philosophy Cartridge and then I stamped a flower inside the popped up flowers. I added some black in all around the edges giving it a soft distressed look. 
Here is the inside of the card. I just did a little chevron strip along with a little scallop. Since the card has so many patterns I wanted to keep it simple.
Pattern Paper - CTMH - Dotty For You
Cardstock - Grey Wool, Lagoon, White Daisy
Ink - Black, Sunset
Stamps - Hooray Bouquet
Other - Art Philosophy Cartridge, Buttons, Lagoon Bling

Friday, April 13, 2012

A Bow Wow

A quick thank you letting you know that I appreciate you sticking around! I hope to be back posting regularly soon. :)