Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sketch Talk

So here is an oldie but goodie. I did this page about 6 years ago when I first changed from CM style. Now it seems to me that CM styles have changed too but I am not so sure and I have moved on from them. I mention that because I was so trilled at this time to be using color for my base pages! This was also a new time in the world of "sketching" I love sketches and simply cannot get enough of them. I have always been artistic but I never felt I could get things to come together. With a sketch I have somewhere to start and sometimes it ends at the same place with my things and sometimes it takes me in a totally different direction. Another thing I love about it is once I do a few pages with some sketches then I branch out on my own as the creative juices just take me away.
Actually this is one thing that I love about CTMH they have great books that have sketches the new Wishes card confidence program, Originals card confidence program, Reflections scrapbook program, Cherish scrapbook layouts, and Imagine scrapbook layouts. These books let me enjoy my passion without getting caught up in the design aspect. They let me focus on the photos, the papers, the embelishments, and yes even the journaling. I also love to hop on-line and go to fun sketch sites or over to a friends blogs for sketch challenges. Another place I get ideas from is well idea books! The CTMH catalog, Scrapbooks etc., Creating Keepsakes the list just goes on and on. How about this though...a Pottery Barn Catalog or a Better Holmes and Garden magazine? These are also great places to get ideas! As you are flipping through if something catches your eye mark the page or tear it out. Perhapse it is a color combination or a design layout. Inspiration is is everywhere.
In the next few weeks I will do a card or a page based on a non traditional idea source and post it here. I would love to see what you came up with too!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Perfect Day's

So it is raining again here in the midwest and so I wanted to share with you a few pages featuring the Perfect Day paper pack. I think when it is gloomy outside it is so nice to grab a scrapbook and flip through the pages and laugh and remember the fun, silly, exciting things that you or your loved ones have done.

For this reason alone I thought ahhh that is a perfect day and so here I share some of my memories. Here is one of my favorite pages of the girls as it shows them just being themselves and having fun. I love it when I capture them acting like sisters. Let me rephrase that sisters who like each other! :)

These pages are about Dodgeball as you can surly see. I love the way the title turned out and I also love my button groupings. I am not always sure what to do with buttons so when I tried this I was so happy to discover how much Iliked it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where I've Been...

Celebrating Birthdays...

Flying on airplanes

Playing in the ocean....ahhh bliss
Celebrating a 8th grade graduation...
and a high school graduation!
Planning and throwing a threw a party.
So not much scrapbooking or stamping but soon! I am working on a project for club so I will share that soon. I hope everone has had a great month.