Friday, September 18, 2015

Studio tour...before

Welcome to my mess! I have been listening to the Scrap Gals podcast and let me just tell you these girls err gals are so funny! I really relate to them so much and have so much in common with them. They are totally inspiring me to get into scrapbooking again (instead of just thinking about it) and so I need to organize my stuff. I have never completely gotten organized form when we moved in March and so it is time. I am attempting to do it this weekend but I am not sure if I will be able to get it all done. If you suffer with me until the end I will also share a little artwork.

I cleaned it up a little because I have ladies coming over for a shoebox swap. Here is the over all space. I am really struggling with the layout.

Here is my printer haha it actually does have a home but when I need it I have to move it because I need an extension cord. It doesn't sit there normally and I think the stuff under the printer is scrapbooks and some layouts that need to be put away. That little table was my Grandma's she had her microwave on it. It is a perfect little table for my bigshot but again I am not sure if I am in love with it here.

Here I have my cricut on a rolling cart. I really LOVE it on there because the paper just shoots out the back and back to the front and it takes up barely any space. In those drawers I keep tools and my PTI stamps. Next to the cart I have some CTMH stamps sitting on an old entertainment center. In those bottom drawers I have cricut cartridges on top of the entertainment center I have my paper cabinets. I love those cubes and really wish I would have gotten two more. I had my bigshot on top of those but I moved that to the other table and now this is just a catch all.

Here is the other view of my space. It looks sort of nice from this angle.I recently put this little kitchen table in my room and took out the folding table. It is smaller but much more sturdy. 

This is my original scrapbook space. If you look at my other studios in the past you will almost always see this desk. I love it and don't think I can part it but it needs some love. It need to go through all of this stuff and figure out what to do with it and make this work for me. This is obviously NOT working. 

Here is why I love the desk so much ... all that storage!

And my expedite...I had to have one of these. Now I wish I would have gotten the two x four instead of this size. I could have done some much more with them. I need to revamp this and make it work for me. I really am at a loss here of how I want to change this up. Why my messy closet is open I have no idea...

Here is the other side of the mess. Those are all my photos and most of my childhood photos as well. I need to figure out a better system for my photos too.

So that is it folks my studio tour. I have been talking about doing one but wanted to wait until it was clean. I decided some before photos would be great. If you have any fabulous ideas of what to do in here let me know.

Here is my promised art work. This is what the ladies made at the shoebox swap last night.