Thursday, October 22, 2009

Soccer is winding down

My little soccer superstar Savannah has been playing for about 9 years now I have been going to soccer every fall. A few years ago she also joined the school soccer team so we had soccer on Saturday, practice throught the week and then we had after school soccer as well.

I always find myself a little lost with the soccer photo's but I don't know why. I usually end up loving the pages once I come up with my layout.
These photo's turned out the same way. This paper from the June 2009 over at PersonalScrapper it was a challenge in a on line crop over there.

I really loved how the paper matched up so great. i mean the unitorm is blue and the stars...very nifty. I also bumped the stars up and put the paper underneith.

You can see a detail below. Speaking of details I am really trying to hone in on them when I scrapbook and make cards.

It is the little things that make all the difference in the world. The details with make your page go from flat to fabulous. You also have to find ballance I mean you don't want the fun details to over power your photos.

The star shot
I thought this detail was fun since it was an action shot and it was hard to tell which player was Savannah.
This detail is probably my favorite and I will tel you why. You probably can't tell but thsi shot is blury and the overay distracts the blur and puts the action all over the photo where it should be. You can feel the movement in the photo.  I also loved that I captured her really getting in there to get that ball away from that other girl.

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