Thursday, July 9, 2009

A short story about the closet!

My oldest daughter Danielle is such a girly girl. A few years ago after I got married we moved into a teeny tiny house. I mean itty bitty. She went from her own room with a good size closet to sharing a room with her sister and a small closet. She was forever complaining about not having room and so she came up with a solution! She added another row and instead of a small closet with no room she had a small closet with plenty of room. I thought it was a very clever solution.
I also thought it was so funny how obsessed she was about her closet and the clothes. She would spend hours organizing her clothes and even more hours dreaming about how to get more clothes. Since it was so funny around the house when my husband finally put the bar up I snapped some photos of the stack of clothes on her bed and then of how nice and color coordinated they were after she put them away. Honestly I am pretty girly myself but I have never seen one girl have 5 pink shirts in the same style but when I tease her about it she says…”but mom they are different”
I am happy to report that she again has her very own room. A girl needs her space right?
All materials for this papge are Stampin' Up! oh wait...cept the flowers.

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  1. Danielle's expression cracks me up. I can totally see her freaking out about no closet space. LOL You really captured the scene here.