Friday, July 3, 2009

Showing more love...t-ball style

I heart t-ball :)

So todays post is all about t-ball. My middle daughter has always been in love with sports. First t-ball and then onto softball, soccer, basketball, more softball...but never a big fan of volleyball.
Anyway back to the beginning. T-ball. She started asking when she could play when she was about 3 or so. I called when she was 4 to ask when she could sign up and they said next year she was so sad I think there were even real tears involved. Well the summer of 2000 she finally go her wish and was on her way to t-ball bliss. At one of her first games, grandparents everywhere of course, she finally got her turn to bat. She went up to the T and turned her head and actually spit over her shoulder. My dad was like...huh...then she went tap tap tap with her bat and swung her little behing to get into position. Again my dad was like huh...then he said the funniest thing "if she grabs her shorts I'm outta here" she didn't and he stayed for her game. Now he goes around telling this funny story whenever there is another grandparent or friend around. I always chuckle because I can picture it in my head like it was yesterday.
Here are the journaling spots telling the story that I just told you up above. I have never journaled like this but let me tell you it was fun and I loved it! The pink flower is popped up and the green one is a little under it. I will use it again for sure. It turned out so cute.
These papers are from a scenic route line actaully they are the leftover from the band aid project. Seriously one of my favorite kits over at PersonalScrapper.
Another favorite part of my layout is the arrows. I adore the way this turned out and the three little chipboard peices mimic 1st 2nd and 3rd base! It also makes it look like her ball went up up and away and it draws your eyes up to the first base she is rounding.

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