Monday, September 27, 2010

School is in session...

well not for a while for my toddler. However I found that I could not resist joining in the Got Sketch - Ultimate School Album class. I have been working on the older girls' books for ever and have kept up pretty good for the most part.

In the past I have created a page for the first day shot, a few pages for parties or school activities, as well as extracurricular stuff like girls scouts and sports. This can really add up with parades and stuff.

Danielle who is a sophomore in college has a book up though 8th grade - once she was out of middle school she just didn't do as much that I was able to take photo's of so it was hard to keep the same format.

Savannah who is a sophomore in high school has a book up through 5th grade - she does everything and it is hard to keep up with out making her a book a year.

I thought I would be ahead of the game for Maizie...who has not even started pre-school yet.

The first assignment was to make a title page and this page is so cute. I have something similar in the older girls books and really really tried to maybe redo one for them but...I didn't have all of their old school photo's as I have mailed them off or used them in different project so I decided I would just pick up where am at with them. Danielle will start this class once I get to 9th grade and Savannah once I get to 6th.

Now that you know entirely too much about my school albums you probably want me to share what I have done right?

Well hold on let me start with this cute apple...adorable don't cha think? It has many layers and I embroidered the stem. For the seeds I just cut some thickers ' and it made the perfect size seeds for my apple. The paper for this project is called All Fall. I thought about buying the paper that was on the supply list but since I have tons of cute paper already...I behaved.

Here is another view of the apple with a little more of the page. You can see the layers and stuff. Now I normally do not get so fancy but since it is the title page and it will have her age progression on it I thought it would get a lot of action and so I thought I may as well make a good first impression ;)

As you can see it has a torn out of a notebook look along the side...I just love that SU punch. I also love love love the paper that I had in my stash that is learning to write. I added some green thickers and wala...super cute fun fresh page.
Here is the completed page. I can't wait to start taking photo's of Maizie starting in Pre-school and going through senior year and even has a place for a graduation photo.

Anyway we are having tons of fun and are just a few weeks in there is still plenty of time to join us.