Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Sorry to be MIA I have been organizing...organizing my life, my craft things, my photo's. Wow that is a lot of work.

I moved my living room around. I don't have photo's to show you yet on that as I am still working on the mantel and the floors...ugh I can never keep up with those. Light colored hard wood floors + kids = tons of work! I also have been picking out paint colors for our entry way and living room. Now that we have been here for a year I have finally started to figure things out. I will hopefully be sharing those things soon.

Craft things - I moved my studio from the basement up to the old nursery, moved the baby now toddler into the teens room and moved the teen into the old craft room. I wasn't using the huge space and she was coveting it so now I have a great view and a smaller more manageable room and everyone is happy :) especially ME cause I have this view from my desk

Photo's...oh how these get away from me so fast. I love taking digi photo' now instead of guessing what I took I can see if and delete the bad ones. Wait...stop...did I say delete the bad ones? Uh yea....I never seem to do this step! What if I need all 50 photo's of the baby drooling? How can I delete that photo of Savannah's leg kicking the soccer ball, or Danielle walking. haha am I the only one who has a hard time deleting the stuff that belongs on the cutting room floor?

I have figured out a good solution for me I am a chronological scrapper so I just do it by month and then have subfolders for different events and what-not.

I promise to have some new stuff soon.

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