Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How about a little studio tour?

I have had a ton of studio's over the years, usually just a corner in a room. When we moved into this house it started out in the corner of the living room again. I always liked to scrap or stamp where my family is at. I get so much more done if I can interact with them as I enjoy being creative. Well my little one wouldn't stop getting into everything so I took my daughters room when she moved out you can see more on that here well I really didn't like being in the basement and my other teen really wanted the space. I have been coveting the room I am in now since we looked at the house as it has the most amazing views...I {heart} them. Anyway back to the tour.

When you walk in the first thing you see is my table and I even have room for a few friends or sometimes the girls come in to chat, play or hang out

Here is my old desk that I used to scrap on when I had a corner in our tiny cottages. You can see more about those studio's here.
I keep my dies in the top drawer

 I keep my CTMH stamps in here...all organized for a change.
and punches

Here I have some more storage for woodie stamps and photo's I am still working on this space.

I have my printers in the closet with some more storage. On the little office bins i have a bin for each of the girls professional photo's it make sit easy when I am working on school albums and such.

more storage on top where I keep things to stamp on or to turn into gifts.

Now my favorite to me all my goodies! Inks ribbons embellishments...ahhh. these are all organized by color. Under the shelf I keep my 12 x 12 paper.

Here I keep my brads and other doohickeys all at the tips of my fingers. I also keep my most used tools here.

Last but certainly not least all my colors. My prisma's, my regular markers and my Copics.

Well thank you for sticking around. I do have a bunch of stuff I want to change but there are many many things to do around the house first. I will keep you posted though when I do decide to do an update. :)


  1. You are so super organised...and you could start a shop;-D

  2. Wow! That is the cleanest I have seen your room yet! Way to go on organizing your stamp sets. Now I won't think I'm losing my mind when I'm looking for a certain color/set! I'll let you know the next time I can get away for a few hours. Natalie