Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Insert title here...or maybe a little Spring instead.

So I don't know what I would like to call this post but I am sure it will come to me later. I have been MIA lately on my blog and I am so sorry. Just when I was trucking along I came to an uprupt halt. March was a horrible month for me and my family so I just breezed right on by it.

April is going to be fabulous though as April showers bring May flowers. Spring is my favorite season! It is so fresh and clean and so beautiful and it is easy to fall in love in the spring.

I thought I would share a few things that I had worked on over the winter as I try and think up some fabulous spring projects to share. I will have some as I have many many cards and scrapbook pages that I need to make.
Here is a little sweetness for you. My daughter's sweet 16. She just had a small little slumber party with her closest friends and then they went to the festival that is always around her birthday.
From there they ordered pizza and watch really super scary movies! Yikes.
When I say scary I mean scary one of them I would recomend and one of them I would not it was just to gross....
I don't understand how my sweet little girl can like scaryness but she does. The first movie they watched was the Hills Have Eyes this movies was about this family who ends up in the desert and are stalked by crazy people. There is a ton of guts and gore. I had to close my eyes and squirm a lot during ths movie.
The other movie that they watched was one that I had recomended, oh so happy to be cool enough that they not only watched it but liked it. The best part was...it scared them!
The movie was called One Missed Call or Chakushin ari as it was called in Japan. This movie was really freaky and so scary. It is in Japanese so it is translated but it is really good. The remake from 2008, I was told, was not as good.
So if you like scary movies I would highly recomend One Missed Call and if you like cut em up and gory watch them both.
Here is a close up of the sweet little hearts. So I really got off on a tangent there as this post was about spring goodness and sweet 16 parties. I will give you the details of the perdy paper that I used as it sparkles too. I just love it. This is the paper from the February 2009 Kit featuring WeRMemory Keepers Tiffany line which I just love. I loved it so much that I had to renew my membership over at PersonalScrapper.com. They have a great little club over there the papers are always fun and the people are the nicest you will meet on the internet. PS has great contests and fun games. I really miss them as I never seem to find the time to go and participate as I should. Babies...ehem I mean toddlers have gotten in my paper crafting way. We are in a pretty good routine now though so I should get back to my crafting. I hope so anyway as I have invatations for a birthday party and a graduation party to do as well as stock up on my baby, sympathy and birthday cards.
What have you all been working on lately?

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