Friday, August 17, 2012

Life is good -

Hi everyone - are you enjoying my crazy adventure this month with the Artiste Blog Hop? I hope so, because I have been having tons of fun making projects each day or if I can manage to stock pile a little so I can get some sleep every couple of days. LOL

Last night I went to our local S.C.R.A.P. guild. It is a local group of crafters two meet each month on the 3rd Thursday to chat and make pretty things. Scrapbookers, Quilters, Card Makers, Cross Stichers...whatever you want to do. We have a small meeting about business and the get our craft on. This was only the second time I managed to go since I joined. I had a wonderful time and ran into a very dear old scrapbooking friend whom I have not seen in at least 5 years if not 10. I was so suprised to see her and so happy. It was fun to catch up and am looking forward to the next meeting.

Old friends are a great way to remind you that even when life is difficult or challenging life is still good. I always make sure to find the joy in the little things so I can get though those big hurdles we all have to go through. This month has lots of big hurdles and so this blog hop has actually been good because I am so busy I have no time to think about those hurdles just jump over them and keep on going.

Ok that is enough about this you came here to see pretty things right? Well do I have something fabulous for you today!

Have you heard of the cute little stamp set that CTMH has for National Stamping Month? It is a double set and can be yours for only $5 with a $35 qualifying purchase.

While I am telling you about specials I wanted to remind you that you can get this bag FREE this month when you sign up to be a consultant. Being a consultant is so fun and amazing. I am always meeting new people and take advantage of the discount on my supplies. There are all kinds of you are a hobbiests or want to build business there is a spot for you on my team!  Join now these bags are going fast!

Here is the current essentials kit...isn't it BEAUTIFUL??? Only $49 - Just fill out this form and it is all yours.