Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Something a little different - Mad About Sketches

We are collaborating with Cookin up Creations where they are Mad About Sketches this month over at Sketch N Scrap!!!

We were asked to pick on our favorite sketches to be featured over there and I went with Sketch #112

I have been focusing on some stories from my 2013 album. These photos are some of the funniest I have ever taken as my middle daughter is making fun of me because I cannot peel hard boiled eggs. I had a total melt down one day when we were trying to make deviled eggs and I was in such a stressed out hurry I squeezed the eggs together and tossed them into the sink. She never lets me live it down. It has given us a million laughs and on this day she was making eggs and was struggling to peel them. She finally understood but still mocked and teased me as she pretended to be me. I caught it all on camera. For the journaling I asked her to text me what was going on in these photos so I have her version of the story.

The struggle is real folks! Can you peel eggs?

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