Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Name frame...twins

Ok so as you read a few weeks ago when you saw Jordan's name frame we had a little baby boom. All of these births were super exciting and joyful times. I was so happy for my cousins as they each welcomed new babies into their lives. I was doubly excited for the last announcment and she was having TWINS now we always joked about having twins in my family as my aunt who is a geneoligist told us how twins showed up here and there in the family but none of us ever had any...until now. A perfect set - one boy and one girl. They are just the sweetest little babies. When I got to hold both of them together it made me thankful that I only had one at a time.

I was really trying to think of what paper I could use for twins who share a room for my cousin who has always been a tom boy. Do I want them to match do I want them separate...I dicided to coordinate using a paper pack that is fun for kids and can be for a boy or a girl. Animal Cookies! Many years ago I entered the wrong code and ended up with a second set of this paper. I thought about getting rid of it but figured I would just keep it. Well I am SO glad I did cause it is just perfect for this project. See it isn't so bad to hoard your supplies for that some day...some day happened to me!

Here they are together

I wanted to make them coordinate but not be the same. I used a few different papers and My Stickease for each frame. First up the little boy frame.


Next up the little girls frame. I added a banner to this one. I just love to use banners. I hope this trend sticks around next year.

Here they are all finished together. She loved them. I loved them. I cannot wait to make more of them! Such a great fun gift that can be personalized. My daughter who is getting married later this year informed me that I will need to make her some when she decides to start having babies.

You can see the other name frames here Jordan, Eli, Maizie.


  1. Amy, I made one of these frames last week (check is out HERE:
    after seeing your adorable examples.
    Thanks for the great idea!