Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Name Frame: Eli

Time for another name from. Last week you saw Jordan and you can see my original one Maizie. This one is for my cousins little grandson Eli he had a short name so I had to get a little creative on how I wanted to do it.
Funny sidenote. As I was trying to decide how and what to do and what paper I wanted to use. I accidently sent the message to my cousin instead of my friend! Ack...I told her to disregard as that was for a suprise...lucky for me she still had no clue. Now I try and double check who I am sending stuff too.
This superhero paper was my favorite paper pack for a while just because it was so different. I don't even have boys but I knew I had to have it! I never did make a scrapbook page with it. I made several cards and a really cool wreath for the 4th of July. I was digging and digging and digging some more and found a sampler pack. I was so happy because I thought it would just be perfect for little Eli.


  1. This a great project! I have four girls so I don't get to do much of the boy things.