Saturday, March 24, 2012

Name Frame...I did it!

So a million years ago I saw this adorable project

I even commented about how cute it was -

"Ok so I saw this a few times and now today I came to your blog to see your revamp...very cute BTW but I decided I must steal this frame idea for my little girl. Her birthday is next week and I think she needs one for her room. Thanks for the GREAT idea.
December 15, 2009 1:12 PM"
Do you see the date??? Yes 2009 my little one has had SEVERAL birthdays since then but I did it...I finally made her a Name Frame!
 I used up some more of my old cardstock from Close to my Heart. I always thought this was so super cute and I am trying to remember the name of it as I type - nope it has escaped me. I will insert it later if I can remember.

Anyway here is the project
I added some glitter over the top of the alphabet and used pop dots on the stickease

I was really enjoying making the banner and using the "buttons" how handy that they were flat as they fit under the glass.

Here you can see the sparkle better

I ran out and got a frame...and I really was not happy it looked crowded and I just felt like it did not showcase the project like it should. 

 I ran out today and got a new one and LOVE the results. I also pulled the my stickease out from under the mat and love how it looks on to of it. Here are some close ups of that.

If you want to make one for it sooner than later! Jayma has instructions over at her blog.