Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You've come a long way baby...

Here is a page from way back in the day.

Now this is not my first page I have misplaced that somewhere among the masses. I used to be addicted to stickers if you can't tell. The funny thing is I never even liked those streamers and confetti ones but I had so many and at the time I really felt like they were helping this page pop. LOL  Notice the brilliance in the title! I had run out of "N's" so I cut them out of the letter sheet.                         
How funny is that? Now when I want to use "stickers" on a page I do something more like this...

 These stickers are all layered and full of colors. The most halarious part here...that I never even noticed until I started typing this post...I subbed out a letter! Ha, the letter "v" is actually a y I think with the tail cut off.
Now this page had no rhyme or reason and man I cut out anything that would tell you a little more about the where abouts. By the way we are still at the fun fair here in case you were not sure. LOL
Personally I like the grass under my older daughters feet. Or the stickers coming out the letters. That was probably a signature move for me. How I loved to do that.

This next page surely was a sketch...
Ok but serioulsy could those girls have been any cuter? That was mothers day, we took the day and went tromping through the forrest and I took so many cute pictures. Oh man they were so cute when they were small...

Though here is a proof that you can be cute when you are old too

there is my gram she is 90 this year and still looks that fabulous if not better. When she was born women didn't even have the right to vote! Just as women have come a long way sketches have come a long way...though I cannot remember where this sketch came from.

So just remember this week You've come a long way baby! Post a link to one of your oldest page if you dare :)


  1. I think we have all come a long way. lol. :)

  2. Don't you just love how your true style comes forward with time. It is great looking back at the first layouts:)

  3. wow! it is amaizing that you can go back an see how far you've come... it is great inspiration, and an awesome way for our kids to see who we were then and are today...