Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's not always black and white

So I have been going through some old photos when I cam across this one. Oh that shirt...it was my favorite I just loved it so much and felt so good when I wore it. Would you just laugh so hard if I told you that it had matching pants? Well it did!!! I wore them all the time too until one fateful day I tore them on a gangly teen boys rusty old car. We were at the park and he pulled up super super close and I was walking between the cars and a peice of rust just reached right out and tore my pants. You guessed it I stilll wore them for a while until that hole kept getting bigger and bigger.

Anyway...we are not here to talk about the pants or that adorable shirt .

Back to the page at hand.and the photo from the mid 80's. I ran across it and I wished there were more but alas there was not more so I just scrapbooked this one page becasue well even though this is just one little ole photo it tells a story. A story of a time a long ago, yet it seems like just yesterday.

I am trying to study in this photo but I seem very very distraced. I am defiinatly more interested in that diet coke that in the books. I had actually forgotten that I used to drink diet coke way back then. Now I only drink diet pepsi. There is not a whole lot of journaling right here and I sort of took over this hole section and made a giant title. I broke it up with several flower rub ons. I love the way it turned out as it looks like doodles on the cover of my notebook. I also added some bling to each one of the flower centers.

Since the photo was so small 3 1/2 x 5 I needed something to make it pop! I decided to use the Top Notch die to cut out my picture. I mounted it on white and sponged the edges wiht blacm. I added a strip of ribbon to the bottom of the white block and tucked in some hidden journaing. That is for the real story and maybe one day I will tell you more about this day but for now you will just get the simplfied version.

You can also see the journaling box. It tells a ltitle story about doing homewor and how hard it to catch up/ This paper as well as the ribbon  are from the May 2008 personal scapper kit. 


  1. love the way you followed prompt 2 for the layout. Great to have a photo of a favourite outfit from the past - wish I had more of them

  2. Love the way you've continued the black and white theme from the photo! I am Irene from Shimelle's class but the only way I could get this comment to work was to press the anonymous button!!!!!LOL

  3. Love that you're scrapping a photo and memory you love. I'm from Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbookers class.

  4. Fabulous page - love the black and white theme.