Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cards cards cards

Today I thought I would share a few cards that I am going to be featuring at my VIP Catalog Kickoff party!

Actually my last few posts have been some sneek peeks into my Daydream display. I joined a swap and I choose daydream all because I loved this paper. I loved that it was green and pink (my favorites) and the stripes kind of made it look like ribbon. There is another paper in this Level 2 paper pack that is just pure fun. So because of the paper this was my choice.

Anyway when I got it delivered to my door step and looked at it I was like ruh ro' because it was not something that I might normally pick. It was very pretty but I wasn't so sure what I should do. I needed to make this great wow swap with one stamp set (Cupcake Sprinkles) and one level 2 paper pack. I also got the cute ribbons and the little pins that I am totally in love with.

I started thinking...and thinking...and thinking some more. I knew right away that the paper screamed birthday an since my little on turned one. Since I was in birthday mode I came up with this card. I made a cute little scallop edge and added some chip board circles. I also used the chocolate alphabet on the inside of my card.

My new obsession with cards...finishing the inside. When ever I show my mom one of my cards she always opens it and says...what nothing inside? So now if I don't finish the inside I can hear her like she is standing on my shoulder or something. haha. My grandma is on my other shoulder telling me to sign the back so that people know who made the card.

For my next card I really wanted to do some thing a little bit different. I loved the little froggies and the princess in the stamp set Happy Endings but alas I didn't buy that one so what is a girl to do? Well cut the frogs out of the paper of course! Have you noticed the new thing to do in scrapbooking is to cut up your patterned paper and make your own embelishments? Well why not do that with cards too?

I added some pop dots and put my little frog prince on my card and wala...easy peasy. I also added a few stitches using Simple Stitches. This card came together very quickly. I added a little sentiment from He Said, She Said and put in a few creamy brads and then onto the inside where I just wrote "in you" since I didn't have a stamp that said that.

My last card for the day is a fun little cupcake card. I used the Daydream paper, Cupcake Sprinkles, and some Liquid Glass. I also added some ric rack down the side and some bling on the cupcake holder.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these cards I certainly had a great time making them.


  1. Adorable! I just put my boards together and I love the pages and cards you did!

  2. Super cute cards Amy! Looking forward to seeing you next weekend!!!