Thursday, December 11, 2008

Paisley's Playhouse...where the creativity begins

I thought I would start out by showing everyone my studio.

I love it and have only had it for a few months since we moved into this big beautiful old house. I have moved around a lot and always managed to carve out a little nook to do my crafts. In my very first apartment I had a studio set up in my dining room it was a great little place where I could draw, paint (decorative painting or rosemaling on wood) and eventually scrapbooking. I would also cross stitch in the evenings after my daughter went to bed. I lived there for seven years. When I moved from that apartment I knew that I would always need a place to create. I had corners in dining rooms, living rooms, and once or twice have even ended up in my bedroom. I found though that if my space was out and about with the family I got a lot more done.

Back to my current studio. When we moved into this house I was planning a nook in one of my old haunts. My husband suggested I take this room I was like wow!

I asked him if he was sure as our original plan was to use that room as a study and just have a book shelve and a chair. He told me he would rather see it put to good use rather than just a spot for a chair and then he told me we would get a nice table to match the beautiful hutches he got for me for $20 (wait until you see these beautiful peices)

I was so happy to have a room all to myself right next to the living room and the light...very lovely indeed. I have never had a whole room before so you can imagine all the thoughts running through my mind on what to put where.

I have always thought it would be fun to have a colorful studio with color on the walls and black or white furnishings. Well those plans changed quite a bit once I saw those beautful floors and the fancy wood work. My hutches too turned out to be a very pretty cherry color so here is what I ended up with. I love the way it turned out. The table, you can't tell is two toned. It has a darker edge around the top and then the legs are also dark and the chairs have a dark wood in the running down the middle of the back. I never thought I would scrapbook on something so gorgeous!

Here are some other shots of my studio this is the computer area and I also keep my markers and tools within arms reach.
Here is one of the hutches.

This is probably my favorite part cause it is so fun and colorful and I can see all of my embelishments! If I can see them then I can use them.

Well there it is my creative space. I would love to see what your studio looks like. Leave me a comment and a link so I can check it out.

More later...I can't wait to show you a project straight from my playhouse!

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  1. I'm glad you set up a blog. I love to see your work! Your stamping area is very nice too. I like how you have it by the window. Dorothy Loza