Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday - Today Scrapbooking with a treat

So it is Tuesday and I thought I would do something a little different today and go back to some of my favorite scrapbook projects that I have posted on my blog in no particular order.

Testing her wings - This was a page all about my oldest daughter. I don't normally do pages like this but it was a lot of fun so first manipulate the photo and remove color, then to cut all those tiny flowers, and finally to add all that bling.

Baby Love - These pages are just oh so sweet!!! They feature my little baby girl with her chubby cheekes and her cute little hands and feet. Seriously baby feet are so stinking cute!!! They just grow so fast...

10 things I love about you - Haha...a top 10 page on my top 10 list that is pretty funny if I do say so myself. This is a cute page about the hubster. I like all the buttons and the little extra's on this page. It was fun to make.

Soccer - Oh how my middle daughter loves sports. Her true love is soccer and I love how these pages catch her in action. She just finished up her season with a big win at a tournament. Whoo hooo!!!

T-Ball - She loves soccer and I love me some softball. Now neither of my girls play but I still have high hopes for the little one...even I have to say t-ball as cute as it is can be a little bit painful to watch. LOL It is a good thing they are all so adorable cause those games can go on forever and a day!

Pretty in Pink - Prom....aww time to get all dressed up and have a night out on the town. This was a fun page to do even though her and her date broke up long ago it is fun to see how nice they both looked. I also love all the blooms and I finally had a chance to use that odd ribbon with leaves on it. :)

Hop hop hop...frogs - Yep my middle one is full of adventure. This page features one of my favorite photos ever. It is just so cool as she is looking through the class. Simple fun fast...that is what this page was about.

The closet - yep I have one full of adventure and one full of fashion sense. She is always shifting her clothes around and organizing her things. This was just a fun page of that process.

Just You - Awww... I love this paper on this page. I had this batch of photo''s that I just didn't know what to do with and I had this little bit of paper left that I just couldn't part with and one day the two of them just came together andthe results were...well stunning. It was a perfect match.

Scrap and Spa Shack - These pages are so old and I love to go back and laugh at them because this vacation was anything but relaxing and spa like but it was OH SO MUCH FUN. I have never laughed so hard.

Well I hope you enjoyed some of these pages. There are tons more on here that are worth a look see. Feel free to click on a tag along the side bar. I have been working on some super cute cards that I will be sharing in the very near future. ***Blog Candy Alert*** Tell me what your favorite page was and I will draw names and send you some hand made cards.

Until then...