Friday, February 27, 2009

Has it really been two weeks?

Wow I am so sorry life has been a little crazy around these parts. I have not gotten a whole lot of scrapping or card making done. I did a cute card for my hubby for Valentine's Day and didn't take a photo...opps! I have been working on catching up on some old photo's of the kids. I did a sweet 16 page so look for more on that later. Today I wanted to at least give you something so I decided to share with you something from several years ago!
Several years ago my friend Linda invited me to go on a fabulous spa weekend retreat that involved a lot of scrapbooking. We were so excited no kids...lots of room...lots of scrapbooking...right on Lake Michigan...and spa treatments.
We followed the instructions and after we got off the interstate and weaved our way through this cute little town we had to find Alice Road. We sure were supprised when this is the first thing we saw. It should have been our first indication that perhapse we were not going to quite get what we paid for! We seriously could not stop laughing. Who has the street sign painted on a telephone poll. Freinds I don't think we are in Chicago anymore! We just laughed and laughed and tried to wipe the tears out of our eyes so we could find the spa. This was a bad thing since we had already drank our 32 oz of diet pepsi.
A side not on the scrapbook page itself....I made these serindipity squares and typed up my story over the faded photo.
Once we found our desitnation and pulled up ehem in front of a garbage pile. We decided to go in before we took all our stuff in. We wanted to see our space...We got out of the car without making a mess on ourselves and approached the house. We climbed up the railroad ties that were the stairs (I am not making this up people) and then we discoved we would have not a lot of room to scrap. It turned out to be abotu 3 foot by 3 foot. WOW how much was this weekend?
We got the grand tour and then were told we slept next door. As we went over we noticed the nice railings made out of a barn gate and the row of old fashion iron rocking chairs.
We walked through the back porch that was pretty much a storage shed and had appliances all over the place and was told that someone lived in the basement. We had a beautful view not a lake but of a garage.
Here is our fabulous retreat you can see the first two photo's are of the back porch and then the kitchen the living room the front porch. The house was actually super cute. Oh did I mention that first thing that we saw rocks in a crock pot in our kitchen. Our bedroom was actually the living room. The girls that come every year, yes people actually go back, got to stay in the real bedrooms.
The best thing yet our "room" doubled as the spa.
Uh...what? Yep ladies and gentlemen we are on a scrapbooking retreat, a relaxing spa weekend. Scrapbookers as you know stay up late and sleep in...yep us scrapbookers had to be up and out of our rooms by 9 am. So the spa can be set up. Uh...what?
My friend and I made the best of it as what other
choice did we have. The whole weekend involved a whole lot of laughter.
Here are some highlights of our first and second night. We played cards and laughed. We read a little and laughed. We scrapbooked and laughed. We ate and laughed.
Laughing cures anything.
Still no sign of that lake though.
As you can see from the next page here are all the fabulous spa treatments available. You can also see how much room we had to scrapbook, it is a good thing we liked each other! Yes we were that close the whole weekend!
I decided that I was not going to do any fancy spa treatments.
They were extra money and I felt that I already spend way to much at the shack.
We also had no real customer service while we were there. Aparently their was a group that always goes up and not only did they get the good rooms but all the attention too. When the hostess came in...very late mind you. She didn't even say hi or welcome to us for a good half an hour or so.
We did manage to sit across the table from a really nice gal not to far from where we live.
The shopping area that was there was so unappealing that we decided to go to the local store which was super fabulous! I cannot remember the name of it but it was one of the best scrapbooking stores I have ever been to.
We didn't really get to know the other women in the room as they really talked just to thier friends. One girl didn't even finish one page! I think I managed to do about 20 pages.
Remember how I talked about a fabulous weekend of scrapping involving spa treatments and not kids. Well guess what? The hostess decided to bring her kid. Wow...have you ever been around a bunch of women? Women late at night scrapbooking? The conversation is not always kid worthy. I mean it was nothing bad but come on...we all paid to get away and now here is a kid. One that I don't even know.
Oh and the lake...there it is. We saw it on our way out. It was a few miles away and took us a while to find it. I beleive the ad said it was right on the lake...meaning we could see the lake from our room. Wowzer. What a weekend. We really did have so much fun but you better beleive the next time either of us go away for a scrapbooking retreat and spa we will make sure we are getting what we pay for. We want testimonies and photos!