Saturday, June 20, 2020

SNS Card Sketch #172

Hi everyone, I have been trying to use up what I have. I had this little adorable DiplomaBella in my stamped basket. I have had this stamp forever and ever. Recently I made this card and as I was looking for information about the stamp I realized it was so old that I could barely find any information about it! Tell me I am not alone in old stuff. Do you have oldies but goodies? Do you have any pre-stamped imagines that you either stamped extra of or...back in the good ole days I used to get together with my other scrappy friends and we would share our stamps and sometimes I would stamp some extras to be used later...well that was like 10 years ago y'all. Later is NOW!!

It is time to bash that stash. Use it up.

 Here is the wonderful sketch I used from Sketch N Scrap Card Sketch #172

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  1. Adorable card! Love this Bella!! I recently found some VERY OLD roses I had stamped for a project that I no longer even remember all the details of lol! I just know I got together with a friend who had the stamp and had made a cute project with it and I was going to copy it....that was before the days of camera phones so I didn't take a pic and of course now wouldn't even begin to remember how to recreate said project lol!