Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fall is here fall is here fall is here

Here in Illinois we really barely even had a summer so I am not sure why I am so excited that fall is finally here. Perhaps it is because it involves warm sweaters, boots, hot apple cider (spiked cough cough), football, bonfires, scarves, snuggling under warm blankets...the colors of the leaves...pumpkin patches. The list can really just go on for days.

I did mention the colors too I really enjoy the fall colors. I have had this pretty paper for a while now and I am trying to use up my paper. Mostly because if I use it up I can buy more! Yay more pretty paper. Also if I don't use it and it retires sometimes I can't get more or get the proper embellishments to go with it and while some people are really great at just winging it and making things match close enough I am all about matching so I like to use it up.

I am trying to stock up on my stash so I made some birthday cards I made three of the same ones with a different saying in the middle. I did one of my favorite stamping techniques rock and roll. First you ink up your stamp in a light color and then roll the outside in a darker color. It looks pretty neat if you do more than two colors as well.

I also like to decorate the insides of my cards...just a little peek.

Here it is, sorry it is a little blurry but you get the idea.

This one also has a lot of layers but I love to layer my cards too.

Well this card is just full of love isn't it?

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