Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Fish Tale

A while back my mom came over to tell me a whopper fish tale only it was actually true she went fishing and caught a giant fish! The funniest part of the story was her boyfriend only caught a fish about the size of a minnow. Hahaha

Anyway she wanted me to make a scrapbook for her. I was going to use the Timberline Kit because I thought it was perfect for fishing. Well when I saw all of the photos it just wasn't a fit. So I set them aside, and they sat and sat and sat. As you may know I am trying to use up my papers and I came across the WOTG Kit Tommy. WOW can you say perfect fit? Wait until you see this...

Here is the cover it is just a  Koozie that I cut down

I found this album on a garage sale table for $1 and it was full of page protectors. So I scrapbooked the best photos of the 50 my mom gave me and put rest throughout the pages and it just turned out perfect.

I made this mat with the Artbooking cartridge

Apparently they had to get a fishing licence for a  day so here is my mom overlooking the water and that little tab above her head pulls out

See - pretty nifty that opens up

Here is one of my favorite pages love how the embellishments came together

Here is a photo of that giant fish I was talking about hahahah note the arrow pointing it out

The captain even cut and cleaned the fish for them.

The whole sure looks like a fun day.

The best part of using WOTG's is how much you have leftover...

Wait until you see all the cards I  made, I will share them in the next week or so.

Do you like to make mini albums?
Supplies used - Tommy WOTG & Artbooking

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