Thursday, September 4, 2014

Starting to think about the holidays

Wait what? I know I know it was just Labor Day and we have not even had Halloween or Thanksgiving yet!

Don't worry I am not decorating or anything like that I am just trying to go into this year prepared so that I am not my normal "last minute Lucy self"

I have a ton of Christmas paper and I have really been trying to use up my old stuff. I mean if you have it you should use it right? Plus if you use it will need more!!

So like I said using up my old stuff...this is Evensong paper. I think this is way back from when I first started up with Close to my Heart...I do miss those days.

This paper is pretty and I have been moving it around for about 7 years so this year I used it all up! All of it. Half on this card set and half on a set I will be sharing in the new future. I LOVE the way these turned out.

Another thing that I noticed my Art Philosophy does not get the same love from me as Artiste and Artbooking. The brochure just is not set up the same way and so instead of all items on the page coordinating; you kind of have to mix and match. Anyway I saw this adorable little ornament card.

Actually there are several cards with shapes cut out of them on the Art Philo cartridge and I plan on trying a bunch of them out. Let me know if you have made any of them cause I would love some more ideas.

Here is what I did on the inside of the cards.

Pretty cool huh? I took the shape of the ornament from each of the cards and added it to the inside. Then I added some Colonial White cardstock on the bottom under the shimmer tape and took the bottom of the pattern paper and added it inside as well.

I seriously love these cards! Even now blogging about them is making me smile, they just came together so nicely and they coordinate so well. I know that when my friends and family open up these cards they too will get a big smile.

Here is a close up of the cards, I love these poinsettias, I have had these laying around for a long time as well but not 7 years! Honestly though I wish I would have used these when I got them because I probably would have bought some more. They are so cute, but this just goes to show why you should use your stuff! Now I sort of want more of these but CTMH no longer sells them. I could probably find more if I really tried as I have seen them here and there around Christmas time...we will see.

Anyway I hope you have enjoyed this card and if I hope I inspired you to start on your Christmas cards so that you can really enjoy the holiday season.

Cardstock - Cranberry, Colonial White, New England Ivy, Olive
Pattern Paper - Evensong

Embelishments - Poinsettias, Silver Shimmer Trim
Stamp Set - Pear & Partrige WOTG , Card Chatter - Christmas 

Cartidge - Art Philosophy *All supplies are from Close to my Heart unless otherwise noted.

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