Saturday, June 2, 2012

Why hello there...

how have you all been? I have been well, busy. I moved again. I know I said I wasn't going to but life has its ups and downs and on one of those I have moved again. I am not ready to show you my whole place yet as it is about 80% complete.

I have been working today to finish up my studio. I have been missing my papercrafts. I have some stuff in the near future to share but in the mean time I thought I would show you my very basic creative space. I don't have any decorations up yet. I am just happy that I have a space. The new house is pretty tiny and I was pretty sure I was going to have to make some major edits to my area. While we were getting settled in I realized my little mud room would be absolutely perfect for my studio.

Cute little mud room is my new studio! Look at all that storage space!

Here are my essentials...inks...ribbon...stamps. D'oh don't look at that Fathers Day project.
Ahh...I love colors!

Did you notice that whole wall of cabinets? Well in the middle of those is this great little box window. Adorable and it also lets in a ton of light. Whoo hoo.
Here is a fun little window space that I will be able to make so cute.
Check out all this storage....

a place for all my adhesives

and all my stuff to be stamped on. Please tell me I am NOT the only one who has a bunch of things to make super cute.

pages to file

Sadly my tools have to go in the closet too but since I am just happy to have a space. I can live with this.

Magazines and Cricut Cartridges

Some cool books and catalogs. <3

Stuff I already made cute. haha

and even MORE storage...
So that is where I have been and why I have been so quite around these parts. I will be sure to post my other progress of the house as it comes along and to post some cute stuff now that I have a great space to work in!


  1. Amy, this is an awesome space! I love the coziness and all the storage! And look at all that adhesive! I'm jealous!:)

  2. Wow! What an amazing space, Amy! I love all that storage area. And the natural light would be perfect to have while working on projects. Sending a hug your way :)