Saturday, August 7, 2010

Little luv birds

So I was down in my studio this afternoon and I was going through some paper...paper that I love. As a matter of fact this was one if the first papers I ever bought way back before I was a CTMH consultant. I sat down to build up my card stash as I am very low. I was not in the market for love birds but this little darlings just started singing my name. Tweet tweet...
I really love the way it all came together not to mention using up some of my stash! I am trying to use it...I use to hord it but it is there to enjoy to love to play with and then to send off to make someone elses day special.
Here is the inside. I was going to add some more little chirpers in the bottom right corer but decided I loved it just like this.
Once I finished up I had to get back to my real life and make dinner and while I was cooking I remembered, not that I had forgotten or anything, that it is my anniversary in a few if I want to I have a cute little anniversary card. It is a litlte pink but it is all lovey dovey so I think in the end it is ok. I might change my mind but in the mean time I wanted to show it to all of you because after sitting on this paper for so long I finally put a little love into it.

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