Monday, July 2, 2012

Stars...stars...and more stars

Last year I saw a wreath with all stars on pinterest for Christmas and I decided I needed to make one for the 4th of July. Well guess what...I never got any farther than making a few stars and gluing the stars down to the wreath. When I moved I saw it mocking me and I thought to myself maybe I will finish it. That was that. Well then my daughter mocked me and I knew I just needed to finish what I started over a year ago even if we only get to enjoy it on our door for two days. 

If you want to make on for yourself I will show you how. First I took a chipboard circle from CTMH and cut out these blue stars to adhere the stars on. In the original 

I decided that I didn't like the way it looked with the stars I had done so I added some more paper rosettes  and I thought the super hero paper from CTMH would be perfect! Well that paper was perfect and I love how the rosettes turned out. When making rosettes you want to take a strip of paper that is 1 3/4" x 12" and then score it every 1/4" then fold it back and forth.

Then they will look more like this.

Glue the ends with adhesive and they look sort of like little cups.

Push the center down and add some very strong adhesive. I used a glue gun. It also helps if you hold it together with a circle. It just makes it stronger. I do this to both sides.

Now I was ready to stick everything down to my wreath...but...I am a stickler for colors and making sure they match. Well guess what my original stars didn't match. I tried to pretend they did but in the end I knew it would but me every time I hung up my wreath so I decided to make some more stars. This is actually good for you as now you can see how I made the stars as I didn't have photos from the ones I made a year ago.

I cut out my stars with my Art Philosophy cartridge on my Cricut. Once you have your stars you will want to score each on from tip to inside tip. Once you do that on each one you fold the stars up so they look like this.

Once I did that I just layered the rosettes and the stars. I also added some little spirals, buttons and bling. I stuck everything down with a glue gun and love the way it turned out. 

I hope you enjoyed the project and if you start one please know that it only took a few hours to complete so it really shouldn't take you a whole year to make it. 

I finally have great timing on a seasonal project and am super excited to have just made this project only to find out that I can share it over at Exploring Cricut and over at Heart2Heart. I hope you can also play along at one or the other...or even better BOTH!

Cardstock -  Blue for the base that I had on hand. Cranberry - CTMH
Pattern Paper - Superhereo
Other - Art Philosophy Cartridge, Bling, random buttons