Friday, August 13, 2010!

Well a few weeks ago I broke my rule and posted pages with no photo's on this blog post.  Convention was amazing and inspiring yet I have had a hard time getting into my studio so I have things to share with all of you. I guess all that prep time and gone time really pushed the family over the edge as they have been needy and the girls have been arguing over even the littlest things. I could go on and on about this but I want all of you to actually stick around and come back, haha!!!

anyway I finally found a little time to myself to put my convention scrapbook together. I thought I would show you the the pages I made.

At convention we got to take these little mini classes at was amazing. I got to learn somee really cool things from my favorite bloggers.

The left side features:
Karen Pederson - here we learned all about Color Know How! How to use color to create mood as well as how different colors can completly transform the same set of photos
Doresa Lambrecht - here we learned all about the fabulous new Flip Flaps (just wait till you see these!)
Pam Beery - here we learned all about Glitter! Glitter makes everythink sparkle so this was fun.

On theright side of the page we have:
Pamela O'Connor - here we learned about the new Mix & Mingle albums and all the cool things to do with them
Melissa Laverty - here we learned some fancy boutique stuff. Using fashion and home decor to inspire our art as well as how to make some of those awesome trendy flowers.
Joyce Beenes - here we learned how to be irrisistable. lol just kidding we learned different techniques for emboss resist.
Beth Naumann - here we learned about getting the most from our Workshop On The Go packets. It is always so amazing at how many things you can make with one of these.
Sheila Wilkerson - here we learned about adding Dimension and making them Dynamite!
I have to say these ladies made this event go the very top of my convention memories. They were inspiring me with their blogs before and it was so amazing to get to learn from them in real life.
Thank you ladies!