Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rockstars, Stampstars and Swapstars

I know that I have talked about my friend Patti before here on my blog and today I find myself doing it again. I just cannot help it she is super fabulous and I just feel great when ever she is near. She is also always willing to help out a friend. She also knows that I am a Last Minute on with the story.
 Patti called me up and asked if I wanted to stamp and I said of course!!! Well once I told her I needed to work on my swaps for convention she said ohh I can help with those!  So she came on over and these are the cards we came up with. I had a bunch of left over cards from my February Stamp of the Month Birthday card class (you can see cards here and here) so I thought that making up some cards would be a great way to use what I have and use up stuff that I already had cut. It was like a double bonus! Actually not only is it a bonus but it shows that I am growing and have some self control. Lets just say in the past I have found myself over my head in swaps and now I know that I should show a little restraint. Making up my old projects is a win win solution for everyone. My projects get a fresh start, I used up my projects, and the swaps are perhapse a little fancier than if I just came up with 50 of the same card...see win win win!

This card got shaken up a bit from the original card and made to feel very rock and roll.  There is a lot of fun movement with the flourishes and if you can't see it there is also some Glitz on the splatters.
Next card actually turned out very simalar to the orignal one which is funny as I didn't have any of the origial cards anymore and my laptop was upstairs.  This card makes me feel like I threw pain at the wall and then sparyed some stars on. I really think it turned out fun.
Next up is a sunny card that will make you feel like a star! This one is a little more refined but still quite fun and playful. This card also turned out a lot like the first card but it is turned on it's side. I didn't have any links to show you.
This next card is fast becoming a favorite pattern of mine as it is a great way to use up scraps. To make those cool color scalops you just trim a strip of paper down to 1" and then punch it with a 1 1/4" circle punch and it will give you a flat line on each side. Match up the sides to buid your scallop border. I also like the new look of leaving the string a little longer on the buttons to make it look like it just came right of of the machine or project.

Level 2 You Rock Paper Pack
Autumn buttons
Star Power Stamps