Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pulling a Letterman

I love to make lists even thought I don't always end up using them. I did this page a while back and loved how it turned out. I also want to do a few for my girls and maybe one about books and movies. Anyway I thought I would do up a little listy listy for all to see. I have been pondering this list for a while now...what kind of list did I want? Did I want to talk about my favorite books? Why I love being a consultant got CTMH? Where I want to go? Where I have been? My favorite _____.

I thought I would go with Why I love Scrapbooking! Now everyone will know why I cannot get enough.

Friends - this is a hobby that gets you instant friends! I cannot even begin to tell you how many ladies I have met that have turned into real lifelong friends because I scrapbook.

Paper - Oh man there is paper for everything. Pretty pretty patterns, pretty pretty colors, pretty pretty  paper! You think you have the perfect color but guess don't! Gotta get more for sure...pretty pretty paper!

Tools - You need the tools to cut the paper or shape the paper. These tools are so awesome! If I were a man I would probably grunt like Tim Taylor when he walks into a sears store. My husband has music equipment in the man cave and tools in the garage and I have a cricut and a big shot and punches....ohh....

A little Bling - Bling - Can a girl ever have to many embelishments? Really? I mean ribbon and shinny stuff and brads oh my...

Memories - this is a huge reason why I scrapbook. I love to record the memories of my loved ones lives! Oh those kids grow up so fast. The books also help when those said kids turn into teenagers! Then you ahve to look at them to remember how cute they once were and know that theyw ill turn back into cute beings on a day, a wee, an just never know what your going to get from one day to the next when you live with teens.

Some ME time! - Going of of what I was saying up above...I really love my family but sometimes I just want to admire them and not really talk to them. Haha!!

History - I dabble here and there in geneology and wow would I be so thrilled to run across a scrapbook of yesteryear. It is fun to record stories or moments knowing that my grandchild or great grandchild will stumble across the books one day and discover a little bit more about us.

FUN - This hobby is pure fun! Lots of laughing, giggles and snorts goes on at crops.

Creativity! - When I was little I saw these beautiful drawings my mom did and I always used to ask her why she never did drawings any more and she just kind of said she stopped after she had kids cause she got busy and I was horrified! I would tell her she should continue and how could it be when you love to draw how do you just stop. Can you tell I am a drawer too...well used to be! The same thing happened to me. It isn't as easy to find the time or the subject or the idea when you are chasing girls around or taking them here and there and everywhere. Scrapbooking takes care of my creative need!

Cards! - Oohhhh...just like one thing leads to another scrapbooking leads to cardmaking and that is fun stuff! Instant gradification I tell you. Instant! Sometimes a page can take what seems like forever but a card well you can belt that baby out in minutes!