Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just one year...or two...or three...or seven are you serious?

Sometimes life is so bittersweet...sometimes it comes right up and slaps you in the face! I was over at Two Peas looking for some cute CTMH ideas and I have not been there in forever. I saw some of my old projects and my old cards were so funny. My old scrapbook pages...also funny for the most part. More on that in a moment. After looking around for a while I ended up at this garden girls profile which made me go to her web site and see this really cool page in which she is talking about things she said she would do and then give us an update on if she did them or not.

Well wouldn't you know it but the on line class I am taking also referenced this page! You could have hit me with a big ole BRICK! Seriously? I had to pick up my mouth off the floor. It was one of those ahah moments like hello is someone trying to tell me something.

Here is why I was getting hit with the brick. I did this page way way way back in 2002 it was on September 11 and I was at Wrigley Field with my mom and my brother. This photo made me realize just how jumbo I had become. I knew I had to do something about it.

I made a plan I started a journal, I started a scrapbook all about me and my journey.

I wrote a wonderful poemish letter to myself about where I want to be in a year.

Then I took some horrible photo's of myself.

Honest photo's

Then I made yet another scrapbook page all about where I will be in a year.

This was 7 years ago. Guess what? I weigh 8 pounds more now than I did then!

What the heck! Seriously I ask myself what the heck is wrong with me. I had lost about 40 pounds but then I gained it back over the last few years while the hub has been working 3rd shift. Nothing to do at night but eat...a lot. I even called my old friends Ben and Jerry.

Here is the journaling/poem of sorts

Where will I be in a year?
That is all it wll take. A single year. Why didn't I do it before? A Year...

In one year I could be at my goal or really close to it, I could be healthier, thinner, prettier...a year. That is it.

What is my problem? do YOU remember what you ate yesterday? I don't unless I really really think about it. So tell me were the chips and dip worth it? Would a salad have worked just as well? What about last week? So the chips and dip were yummy and can remember why you wanted them but I certainly don't remember what I ate a week ago...a month ago...a year ago.

What were you doing a year ago? I was wishing for the umpteeth thousanth time that I was thin...a year. That isn't a lot of time.

A YEAR I tell ya!

Ok...so what brought on this insight? I was looking at pictures of me and all my friends (yes you) and wow...I was really thin...as few times I had to remember to close my mouth...I had forgotten I had ever looked like that.

So the time is now...a year...that is it...a year...

Car to join me?

Where will you be in a year?

So wow that was seven years ago. The funny thing is I am not even a real fan of chips and dip. LOL Anyway seriously. I need to follow through on some things. I have accomplished quite a few things on my must do in my life list

1. Have another baby
2. Get married
3.  Buy a home
4. Lose weight - ugh this is always the one!
5. Travel to Venice

I think it is time to get serious...and give myself that year!