Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fun in th sun...

My Savannah has to be my most adventurous child and so creative too. One time she went fishing off of a the front porch with a stick and a throw rug. When I was little I used to get pretty creative with Barbies but she comes up with some doozies!  Since it we are having a bit of a warm spell in my neck of the woods I thought I would present to you ... ba ba ba bam ... the Hillbilly Pool! Since we didn't have one she made up her own...with yep as you can see garbage cans! I looked out back to check on them and was horrified at first and then I laughed and then I ran for the camera, if this isn't a kodak moment I don't know what is. Bonus: They might be good blackmail pictures for her future boyfriend.

Isn't this paper so cute. It is again from PersonalScrapper it is a Kit from July 09 and I was so happy to use up the kit the same month I got it. It only had a little bit of that fun paper with sunshine and fourishes but and so I just used a white gel pen and doodled all over the page. I am not so sure doodling is still the in thing to do but I love how it turned out on this page.

Oh and for all of you that are wondering...the garbage cans were clean ones!