Thursday, December 5, 2019

SNS Card Sketch #159

Hello everyone! Are you ready for the end of the year to happen? 

We had an exciting thing happen. My husband and I bought our first home. We have been working on getting everything packed and ready to go for quite some time. We both have moved a lot in the past so this time I thought I would be strategic and keep out a couple of cards I needed to mail as well as a few items to be able to make some cards or scrapbook pages if I wanted to. 

I was so proud of myself and then I needed one of the said cards....wouldn't you know I couldn't find it anywhere! It is ok right? I have a few inks out and some of my favorite stamps most of which have cute matching dies. Did I also mention they need to be colored. Ok, welp I packed up my die machine as well as my markers, colored pencils and brushes (if I wanted to use an ink pool from a pad). 

Hahaha oh my. So I started digging around my stash and found this cute little Snoopy that I was given this summer at the Expo (they had a snoopy theme night) and wouldn't you know Snoopy is holding a gift. Awww Snoopy to the rescue! 

So I made this cute card and I was ready to assemble. Adhesive check, pop dots....hmmm nope. Ok I dig around and then I dig around some more and finally I just dig for something anything I can pop this up with. Since I apparently packed my pop dots I moved on to my glue dots while i try to figure something out. I am sure you have guessed by now I can't find them either and I am pretty sure they are packed at the bottom of a stack of heavy boxes. So I found some chipboard and picked out a couple that I have had forever and still have not used and popped up Snoopy. made my regular adhesive work where I needed the glue dots and wala birthday card ready to go.

Yay I was able to make a card. I used card sketch #159. I was able to use this cute die circle Planner Pocket - 2 Die  from Elizabeth Craft Designs.

My MIL loved the card and when I find the one I was planning on sending her. I will set it aside for next year.

Here is the adorable card sketch #159 we would love to see what you come up with. Be sure to link up with us over at the blog.

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  1. Super cute card!! I love Snoopy! This die was perfect of this sketch's now on my wish list lol!