Thursday, August 3, 2017

Organize me please!!!

That is what my studio has been screaming at me for a good long time. I have been slowly going through my stash. I joined a Facebook page all about bashing your stash, honestly I should be bashing more of it but it is going better than it did last year so that is something right?

I have went through my paper and organized it by color and the pattern paper by manufacturer. I was being bothered that red isn't' always red but now that I have them sorted by company typically red is red.

I broke down all my Pocket Scrapbook cards by color...and then discovered that even though I love the rainbow it did not work for me here! See above statement about red not being red. I then moved all the cards back into sets and boy did I feel better.

My stamps are pretty good too grouped by type, sentiment, birthday, outdoors, fall, summer, get it.

Embellishments....ahhhhhhhh the horror!!!! They are in this drawer.

 Others are in this bin

The ribbon, they are ok and the buttons...does anyone still use buttons? I shall try as I bash my stash to make this a thing.

 You know what I never use hardly any of it! My work lacks the pazaz that embellishments bring. I even have brads and eyelets tons of them in every color. Because that is what a paper crafter needs everything in every color!!

So I decided to sort...everything by color. Then maybe I would use it up instead of only using it with the paper pack it goes with. The sorting took hours I have a lot more stuff than I thought. hahha ok ok just kidding I know I have a lot of stuff.

Let me tell you how awesome it was to get rid of all that packaging! So much and now I have a beautiful set of embellishments that I can...and HAVE been using.


Pewter and Gold

 Black, White, Silver

 I found these next bins at Hoby Lobby and just love the room that I have. They stack on top of each other.

Red - look at all of those goodies. I also sorted brads and that is what is in the little round tub.


 Yellow - that flower in the middle was bugging me so I have since moved that to the green bin.

 Pink - this one is extra deep I have a lot of pink stuff.



 Purple...I need more purple in my life.

 Blue - I also have a ton of this so this one is also deep.

 Here they all are together. Let me tell you that this has helped SO much I have been actually using this stuff up. Things that I have had for years and years and years! I must confess I did ditch the eyelets. I kept the brads though and have used them.

How do you store your things? 

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