Friday, February 15, 2013

Perfect to me....

So my friends used to make fun of people who scrapbooked weird things. Turns out I am one of those people. Who knew? Secretly all along I probably knew.

I am always taking photos of food. I just can't help it. Sometimes it is because it is so pretty and different and sometimes it is so I can try to make it and other times it is so I can record it in my food journal. For years and years I have been driving past this tiny little place called Pete's Famous Hot Dogs it is in between a few near by towns out in the middle of no where. I would always say I am going to stop there...well I never did.  To make it even less likely that I would ever stop the girls have decided that they hate hot dogs. What? Who hates hot dogs when they are a kid??? Usually you have to be older and figure out what in the world is in them before you dislike them. 

Personally I still love them and so here it is a page about something weird because this food isn't fancy, pretty, different, or going in my food journal. I just wanted to record the experience and remember that I did indeed try those famous hot dogs.

So take a look at my page and then head over to Sketch-N-Scrap and join us for our mid-month sketch.

Supplies area all from the Sweetheart Paper Pack and coordinating products from Close to my Heart

Here is the sketch

Oh and by the way the hot dog was yummy and as a bonus I just discovered my little one LOVES hot-dogs so now I have a partner in crime.

I will announce the winner on my blog a little later on today.


  1. I love your layout! I've never stopped there...
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Great take on the sketch...and a great recording of the everyday.