Monday, January 8, 2018

New Year means New Goals

Do you make new years resolutions? Here we are a week days in...are you still sticking with your resolutions? I don't make them anymore. I have on going goals in my life that i try to maintain some I have to start over a lot and others I just keep trucking along. I know someday everything will fall into place just the way I want it to.

One thing I do usually do at the start of the new year is make some crafting goals. Here is what I came up with last year

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So how did I do? Well I did scrapbook the year PL style but I am on week 33 so I didn't keep up but I did great and plan to finish it out.

I am keeping up with Maizie's school album, but I did not finish nor work on Danielle's & Savannahs albums.

I did not make an adorable baby album but I did make a cute page about Kailey's 1st birthday.

I did participate in challenges but I could have done more.

I didn't keep up with printing photos. Nor did I get to a a crop. I also did not scrapbook one layout a week.

I did make and send a lot of cards this year. I did not build up my card stash.

So then what about this year? Well this year I have again made some crafty goals I feel they are more manageable but we will see.

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Do you make goals or resolutions? What are your plans?