Monday, February 6, 2017

Pocket Scrapping - Week 1

You might remember last week when I said I accomplished a Pocket Page Scrapbook well I did it again! If I play my cards right...(my PML* cards that is) I will be sharing these pages with you all year long! Do you think I can do it?

We shall see. Here is week two. I had a pretty busy week full of pajama days...last few days of Christmas vacation. A road trip to take my little soldier girl back to her AIT (Advanced Individual Training) and a nice overnight visit with my grandmother, whom is 97 and still lives independently.

The first thing I did was go through my photos and decide which ones I wanted to print.

Side note: when I decided i wanted to try Pocket Scrapbooking again I ran across a few good tips. Go through and edit or delete my photos every night. Make up collages and print them in 4 x 6 format at your favorite printer. Take notes if you can. Don't stress about it.

Ok so back to my page. I decided what photos I wanted and sent them to my local 1 hour photo lab and then I started working on my page. This week turned out to be all about the stories and less about the pockets. I added a few tabs and a few other little embellishments and "didn't stress about it" and called it complete. I love how it turned out!

One thing that I often get stuck on when I scrapbook is the story. I know this and so I have taken classes and bought books but I still cannot figure out how to make my story the way I want. I think that is why I ended up loving this page. I just talked about why I selected these photos (out of about 50) or what was going on in the photos. Now I didn't end up scrapbooking a few of the photos that I took but I just set them aside for now and I can use them in other pages or in a mini album or something. 

Supplies from CTMH unless otherwise noted:
Cardstock: Pomegranate, Seaglass 
Pattern Paper -  Sugar Rush
Embellishments - Sugar Rush Complements, Sugar Rush Dots
Other - Sugar  Rush Washi Tape